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Best Classic Sneaker Styles for Men

Classic Sneaker

Back in the day, sneakers were primarily reserved for physical activity. They became specialized according to the sport – running, basketball, tennis shoes, and so on when exercise and fitness took off. As more styles emerged and were in demand, brands developed to meet that demand, and a whole new category of shoes was born. Although technology has changed the design and features of sneakers over the years, those ageless classics have remained popular, both for their style and comfort. Here are some of the classic sneaker styles you may want to add to your collection of men’s shoes

Retro Runners

Classic Sneaker

A streamlined shape, lightweight materials, and a chevron tread started it all for running shoes. Classic styles include Nike Cortez or Air Tailwind, Asics Serrano, Brooks, and New Balance 520 and had more padding than the average sneaker. These runners, especially some of the nike sneakers for men, pop up everywhere today, from high-end retailers to television show sets in the 70’s and 80’s.

Basic Ballers

When Air Jordans came out, the frenzy was so real that some kids actually got mugged just for their shoes. These colorful, almost bulky high-top sneakers were all the rage, and when you see them now, their vintage style gets noticed. They may not make you a b-ball superstar, but you can look the part. You can go back even further for classic basketball shoes with a pair of Chuck Taylors, in either iconic white or black.

Standout Skaters

The 80’s and early 90’s were all about skater style, thanks in main part to one brand: Vans. Their checkerboard slip-ons speak to a different era, but you can also look for their colorful high-tops to get some attention. Their timeless style may be thanks to their durability, thanks to those thick rubber soles and reinforced toe caps. Another brand that may not be as mainstream outside of the skater community is DC, although Nike and Adidas also are in the skater market.

Tidy Tennis

Sneaker and tennis shoes may sound synonymous, but actual tennis shoes are a thing of beauty. Early styles of tennis court shoes were shockingly white and were made of either leather or canvas. Some of the more popular heritage tennis shoes include Adidas Stan Smiths, Tretorns, and K-Swiss. These tennis shoes were preppy kid, country club chic, but now they are considered conventionally stylish.

Cool and Casual

Casual sneakers have been in style for decades, and they are not fading away anytime soon. These trainers may not seem to fit in any other category, but their sleek style have made them popular with many generations. Some of the features that define a casual trainer include t-shaped toe panels, suede uppers, and gum soles. Puma, Adidas, Fila, and Reebok continue to rank high with men of all ages.

If you are willing to forego some of the technology that makes today’s top sneakers both coveted and state-of-the-art, you can find some beauty, comfort, and style in the retro sneakers that make you feel sentimental for a simpler time. Treat yourself to several brands, such as Saucony, Nike, and asics shoes for men, to expand your shoe wardrobe and kick it old school.


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