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The Secret of Beauty of Slavic Girls

Slavic Girls

Slavic women have always been something mysterious for Western men. Finally, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Western men got the chance to have a better look at those extremely beautiful Slavic women.

Ukrainian girls, Russian girls, Belarus girls, Polish girls, Czech girls, etc., are all gorgeous in their own way. When we say beauty, we don’t mean exclusively appearance, as beauty has a lot of components. So, let’s reveal the secrets of the beauty of the Slavic girls.

Appearance of Slavic Girls

We do hear all the time that Slavic women are beautiful, and they really are. Because the Eastern part of Europe was conquered and liberated by different ethnic groups thousands, if not millions of times, almost all Slavic countries are fusion of different nationalities.

Different states invaded each other, resulting in cultural exchange, and marriages between the representatives of the locals and invaders were a common thing. When it comes to the mix of ethnic groups, it always results in extreme beauty. As a result, all women in Slavic countries look like Ukrainian photo models.

Style of Slavic Girls

Slavic Girls

The other important thing about Slavic women and their appearance is that they know that they are beautiful and they use every possibility to underline or express it. Thus, Slavic women differ greatly from Western women.

Western women like casual clothes. Even when they go on the date, they prefer casual outfit and minimal, if no make-up at all.

Slavic women follow fashion trends and adore ‘haute couture’ outfits. And dates or other events are not always the reasons for wearing something beautiful and expensive. In Slavic countries you can see women in fashionable clothes and high heels on public transport. Moreover, while having no need in it, Slavic women rarely go out without make-up.

Power of Slavic Girls

Nobody knows where the idea of Slavic women being weak and vulnerable came from. Maybe it is the result of the lack of knowledge about the history of Slavic countries. People who survived thousands of wars and invasions are highly unlikely to be weak.

Slavic women are very powerful in terms of everything from physical strength to mental stability. But, when it comes to men, the biggest demonstration of the strength of Slavic women is that they show their weakness. Something, that Western women abolished long long time ago.

Education of Slavic Girls

Maybe feminism had a lesser impact in the East European Block, it doesn’t mean that women are uneducated. Actually, education in the Soviet Union and other Socialist states was highly prestigious, and now-independent countries saved that tradition. As a result, almost every woman in Slavic country has a university degree.

Character of Slavic Girls

Character of Slavic women is one of the most important components of their beauty. The value system that prevails in Slavic countries emphasizes the family values and traditions. That’s why Slavic women are so carrying, supporting and make perfect mothers. Probably that is the main thing that makes them so attractive for Western men.



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