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Tips for Post Baby Fashion

First come all the surprises and changes of having a new baby, then come all the surprises and changes of a post-baby body. You don’t know exactly what to expect until you give birth, and then you’re faced with a fluctuating weight (especially if you’re nursing), ballooning boobs, and proportions that you didn’t have before (for me, it was the wonderful discovery that now I had a big belly and big thighs…).

It can be months before you fit into your old clothes (or years for some). However, if you are thoughtful about your style choices, it doesn’t need to take as long to start looking like the fit and stylish lady you were before you had a baby. Here are a few tips for post-baby fashion that can have you looking like one hot mama:

Baby Fashion

Choose Patterned Tops

One of the biggest challenges of your post-baby body is your bulging belly (unless you are one of those women who bounces right back after pregnancy — in which case, we hate you and you should just move on). You can downplay the look of an expanding middle by wearing bright, patterned tops. Choose loose-fitting tops or empire waists.

Wear Dark, Relaxed Fit Jeans

Dark pants create a nice contrast to patterned tops, and the combination will create a slimming effect. However, if you try to wear straight-legged cuts or — god help you — skinny jeans, you are going to destroy that illusion by creating a muffin top or worse. Wear a relaxed fit jean with tapered legs or a boot cut for the best look.

Get a Good Nursing Top

There’s nothing stylish about having to pull your shirt up or down and showing off either half your chest or exposing your muffin top when you have to nurse. You’ll look messy and undone. Invest in several stylish nursing tops that will give you ease of access while also helping you to look fashionable. There are many excellent options with different panel styles to suit your tastes.

Try Simple Dresses

Shift dresses and empire-waist or A-line skirts and dresses are very flattering to most post-baby figures. They accentuate your bosom while drawing away from the waist and midsection, helping to hide your post-baby belly. Plus, these styles are currently in fashion and are very comfortable to wear.

Wear Clothes that Fit

Whether you’ve just had a baby or just weigh a few more pounds than you like, wearing clothes that don’t fit will make you look much larger than you are. Trying to squeeze into clothes that are too tight will only accentuate your weight, not make you look slimmer.

Post-baby fashion might seem like an oxymoron. After all, you’ll most likely be sporting¬† spit up instead of designer labels. However, dressing well contributes to feeling good, and using these tips can help you feel better in your post-baby body.

How did you approach style after you had your baby? Share your tips in the comments!

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