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International Clothing Brand ‘YENZZ’ Launched with Mikelyrik

2018 Urban Fashion is off to an exciting start!

Check out international performing artist & social media influencer/ model Mikelyrik donning the YENZZ clothing brand with photography by iKontaq!

Yenzz founder, T. Sierra, a New York native, sites the Japanese term “yen” as a source of inspiration for the brand.

“Yen means money and the 2 added Z’s represent doubling up!”

Be among the fashion forward elite and shop YENZZ:

2018 Urban Fashion YENZZ
2018 Urban Fashion YENZZ

No stranger to the fashion world, Mikelyrik has been a brand ambassador for some of today’s most well-known powerhouses such as Sperry, Magic Shave and Sprite.

He recently released his single “IWBIL (Reggae Remix)” feat Dylan Dili and promises more music endeavors as the year progresses.

Stay up to date with artist/ model Mikelyrik


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5 thoughts on “International Clothing Brand ‘YENZZ’ Launched with Mikelyrik”

  1. Was just reading about his music on some other sites.. Checked out the clothes, really cool looking styles. Keep up the good work!

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