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Get A Toner Sexier Booty With These 4 Simple Methods

Toner Sexier Booty

Get A Toner Sexier Booty With These 4 Simple Methods Out with the big bust and in with the curvy toned behind. That is the trend these days and to help you keep up, we have comprised a list of the 4 different ways you can create your toner / sexier booty! 1) Squats, Squats And More Squats! You must ... Read More »

Top 10 Fashion Trends to Expect in 2017

Fashion shows and catwalks always set the trends which get popular in press and social media. A German-American model and a TV celebrity Heidi Klum said, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” And it’s true, the clothes you have worn and trends you tried in 2016 should not repeat them in 2017. The New Year has ... Read More »

5 Best Men’s Accessories For Men

5 Best Men’s Accessories For Men

A suit only looks good when it is donned with proper and appropriate accessories. It kind of looses it charm and sophistication if it not accessorized properly. Unlike your casuals, you just can’t wear it as you wish. There are certain rules that have got to be followed, in order to pull out a standout look. Have a look at ... Read More »

Comfort is the priority in Fashion


“I do love clothes, but sometimes I think I should pay more attention to what I am wearing. I just wear what’s more comfortable”. Kate Hudson Everyone loves to shop the most stylish and trendy attires that are in fashion while they focus on so many things/aspects of the same apparel style. This is because what others can see are ... Read More »

Dress Up Your Face with Fashionable Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make a huge difference to your overall look, like you wouldn’t believe. They can even make headlines sometimes – just take a look at Cara Delevingne’s magnificent brows. The power brow is definitely in – it frames the face, as well as adds a natural kind of beauty to your look; over plucked brows are soooo 2002! However, ... Read More »

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