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How to Choose Your Dress for a Special Occasion


The choice of the Women’s Clothing & Fashion Online Store is one of the most important points when preparing yourself for a wedding or a special event. If you want to be perfect, here are some tips.

Choose your dress according to:

Your shape and physical characteristics

Think about the type of neckline, sleeves and more so that you favor. Highlight your strengths and do not call attention to areas that you like less. As a general rule, keep in mind that the lines and cuts longer and more stylized vertical than horizontal or rounded, which gathers, flights and embroidery you can add volume and not all whites are the same, some will give you more light than other .

Your style:

No style change radically. When you try on the dress you have to feel it yourself. Feel comfortable, your dress should allow you to move freely and do not see disguise. Tissues with drop and drive are much more comfortable, if you also have weight, you stylize more. Always choose natural fabrics that breathe for better.

Type of event:

Adapt the style to the type of ceremony that you have chosen: If it is a religious ceremony or not, if you get married in a cathedral, a small chapel or beach. The time and climate. Do not use the same fabrics in summer than in winter. If there will be banquet, dancing, etc … There are brides who choose a dress “convertible”: for example, a dress for the prom is transformed, taking the tail or sleeves. Do not go too warm and snug because nerves and movement you can produce excessive sweating. Do not forget to be protected with a good anti-perspiration.

The accessories, hair, makeup and hygiene are as important as the dress, do not neglect them. The type of hairstyle and makeup should enhance your features and go in line with the style of the dress. A romantic bride can carry a semi-collected hair and very feminine accessories, but if your style is more groundbreaking, accessories, hairstyle and makeup will be more trendy.

Shoes should be comfortable and always skin. Think if you want to wear a veil, some ancient brooch or hair comb as you condition the style that you choose for your dress. Take a few gems, but well chosen. If the dress is simple, you take some snap something flashier. The image of a bride should be fresh and bright. An antiperspirant as Perspirex can be your best accessory, and will keep you protected from unsightly sweat stains all day. Does not stain clothes as it is odorless, lets you use your favorite perfume.

Depending on your type of face and neckline of the dress you will be better earrings or other. If you have a round face and your dress is something low-cut, long earrings will be the best option. If your face is long, choose earrings with rounded shapes. For a dress with the collar up or bulky, you can use small earrings and glued to the face.


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