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Style in the Snow

After a warm holiday meal with friends and family and a season filled with events, gifts, and maybe even a bit of stress, why not get away and enjoy a trip to the snow? Celebrate everything you’ve been through this year with a ski or snowmobiling trip. Hike through the frost covered mountains or sail down the slopes on a ... Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Cankles

The term cankles is a combination of the word calf and ankle. A person with cankles has no defined separation between their calf and their ankle. Many people assume cankles only occur in overweight people, however this is a misnomer. The cankle condition is a result of inadequate muscles in the calf area, excess weight or an accumulation of fluid ... Read More »

Flutter Your Way to Fabulous False Eyelashes


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then it’s time to start making sure you’re framing yours right. Long gone are the days of limited choice when it comes to false lashes. These days us ladies are absolutely spoilt for choice, and with styles to suit almost any occasion, your eyes have never had such a perfect opportunity ... Read More »

Choosing Glasses To Flatter Your Face Shape

glasses for women

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of glasses, it is important to understand which frames will suit your natural features. Many of the top celebrities understand how to dress and choose accessories to suit their face and body shapes. With this simple guide, you can make an informed choice when choosing your next pair of prescription glasses or ... Read More »

Most Fashionable Cities In The World

Most Fashionable Cities When thinking about fashion, the cities that are the usual ‘suspects’ are probably Paris, Milan, London and New York in no particular order. This is where the fashionable magic happens. But not all of it. How about Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Sao Paulo, which are also among the top 8 fashionable cities of 2012 according to Global ... Read More »

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