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Young Kids’ Shoes Information

baby shoes

Sometimes when you’re a parent you’re so bombarded with information and advice that you just want to crawl away into a corner and hide. Everyone has their own opinion, the experts will tell you one thing, retailers will have their own perspective and older relatives won’t hesitate to tell you how things were “in their day”. No sooner have you ... Read More »

The Perfect Ways To Wear Pearls

pearl necklace

If you some gorgeous pearl jewellery tucked into the back of your jewellery box and you just never get the chance to wear, then find the perfect outfit to make your pearls shine. I can understand that wearing pearls can be difficult, as sometimes they can feel like they are too much and don’t really go with your outfit. I ... Read More »

Gilets And Their Rise To Fashion Fame

Fashion Fame

The gilet is the new winter favourite and it’s an item that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast. A gilet is a timeless piece that goes with anything; it can be layered over knit wear, a long sleeved t-shirt or even your favourite casual shirt and it provides you with instant warmth. They are a great accessory and look ... Read More »

Top 5 Fashion Trends for Winter 2012

fashion trends for winter

Dressing for cold weather doesn’t have to mean looking unstylish. For Winter 2012, lots of classic looks inspired by vintage fashion are in style. Here are five of the top trends. Hemlines Longer hemlines: Dresses or skirts with very short hemlines are going out of fashion, and this is good news since the truth is this length is not really ... Read More »

Trendy Through the Year

women fashion

There are few basic needs that many people take for granted. Among those is the ability to have clothes. Whether we want to admit or not, we all need clothes in our day to day lives. They can help us stay warm or cool off, depending on the temperature. When worn in public, they can help us get noticed. Some ... Read More »

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