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8 Fabulous Ways to Accessorize Your Favorite Black Dress

Black Dress

Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham… all of the fashion greats have masted the black dress, be it LBD, a black cocktail dress, or even a more casual style. But how can you take your classic look to the next level? By accessorizing it, of course!

So how do you accessorize a black dress? And what are the different styling options to make your dress suitable for any event?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about accessorizing a black dress.

1. Statement Heels

If you’re wondering how to accessorize a black dress, your footwear is the best place to start. We’ll explore how you can play with style, color, and heel height to add a little something extra to your black dress.

It’s best to stick with an all-black ensemble if you’re putting together an outfit for a formal or professional event. However, for parties, casual get-together, and everyday use, you can pick some fun and lively shoes.

Why not choose a brightly colored heel to contrast with your black dress? A red stiletto, or blue kitten heel, for example. Or, use your footwear to add a pattern to your outfit, as we’ll discover more about shortly…

2. Animal Print

Our next tip is to add an animal print: leopard print, zebra print, even snake print! The intense pattern of animal print pieces combines perfectly with a black dress.

Whether you want to incorporate some animal print into your outfit via your purse, shoes, or a layer is up to you. Adding a pop of interesting color and pattern is a great way to make a formal black dress more suitable for casual occasions.

If you’re not so sure about the bigger and bolder animal prints out there, why not consider a more subtle approach. Sunglasses with a stylish animal print frame are a timeless option.

3. Elegant Jewelry

Next, we’ll look at how you can add to your look with refined pieces of jewelry. This is an amazing method for accessorizing a black cocktail dress!

As we’ve all been told, sometimes less is more. If you’ve got a formal event lined up, perhaps a work party or a special anniversary with your significant other, don’t be afraid to add a few simple additions to your black dress.

One or more silver rings, for example, can be a tasteful yet stunning addition to your ensemble. At Dreamland Jewelry, they have a collection of rings that will no doubt be admired.

4. Red Lipstick

Our next tip is a classic fashion choice. What could be a better match for a black dress than the equally dramatic red lipstick!

This small but intense pop of color can be combined with a black dress for any occasion. Try using lighter red tones for more casual daytime events, while darker and glossier reds are perfectly suited to the evening.

If you go for a bold lip color, make sure not to overdo your eye make-up. What’s more, consider sticking to more neutral tones for the rest of your outfit, and leave the drama to the lipstick.

5. Add a Layer

If you’re wondering how to accessorize a casual black dress, why not consider adding a layer? Denim jackets are a great combination with black dresses and are perfect for when the weather drops in the evening.

Another option – only for the less formal events – is to add a cardigan to your dress. Pastel tones can bring a softer feeling to black dresses, and the woolen or cotton material of cardigans also adds to this.

Finally, pair your black dress with an oversize sweater and combat boots for another great look. The clash of a casual sweatshirt, with a dress, and add to that statement boots, is a great way to look stylish while keeping things comfortable.

6. Colorful Scarf

Next up, another way of accessorizing a black dress with color is by adding a bright scarf. With so many different varieties of scarf and colors available, the possibilities are endless!

During the winter months, opt for a thick cable knit scarf that can be wrapped around you several times, leaving you cozy yet looking good. Look out for thick scarves in powdery gray, blue, and green hues.

Meanwhile, the warmer months while require a lighter and thinner scarf. Add a daring splash of orange or yellow to reflect the summer mood!

7. Chunky Necklace

One of the best ways to accessorize a long black dress is by adding a bold, statement necklace. They are a special way of adding extra texture and color to your black dress and will make sure you don’t fade into the background.

There are so many quirky and innovative necklace designers out there, it’s easy to find a unique piece of jewelry that will make heads turn. However, if you choose an eye-catching necklace, you should consider sticking with minimal accessories and make-up, to let your jewelry take center stage.

An important point to remember is to stick with either gold or silver if you’re going for metallics!

8. Add a Belt

Our final idea for accessorizing a black dress is to add a belt. Depending on your dress and the belt you add to it, this combination can make you look either smarter or more casual.

For example, adding a thin belt to give your dress more shape and structure is a great way to make casual black dresses suitable for work. On the other hand, adding a thick belt to a more formal garment will dress it down.

You can keep the all-black look by choosing a black patent or leather belt. Otherwise, use the belt to add some color to your outfit. Why not match it to your shoes?

Now You Know How to Accessorize a Black Dress

We’ve covered eight of the top ways you can use accessories, make up, and color to make your outfit pack a punch. Which of these tips will you try first?

If you found this article about how to accessorize a black dress helpful, make sure you read the rest of our style posts!


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