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Exploring the Distinctive Designs of Claddagh Rings

There probably isn’t a culture on the planet that isn’t instantly known by its art, whether this art is shared via song, dance, writings, paintings or exquisite jewelry designs. In fact, cultural artwork has been known to capture the traditions, both religious and secular, of an entire region or country. It’s this quality that Ireland’s artwork may be largely known ... Read More »

How to Know When to Trust Your Jeweler


Anytime you purchase a piece of fine jewelry, there is a lot that goes into the purchase, including dealing with the emotion behind the meaning of the jewelry and the price that it costs to buy something of value for somebody you love. Because of the pressure that is involved with this purchase, it is important to have a good ... Read More »

Accessorize your Halloween Costume


Halloween is the one time of year when you can take on any personality that you want. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a super hero, be that. If you want to let your sexy side out, this is the time of year that no one can say anything about it. Halloween can be as spooky or as fabulous as you ... Read More »

10 Watches That Will Blow Your Budget

rolex watches

For some it’s cars, gadgets or that holiday that you blew your mortgage on (definitely not going through a mid-life crisis) but investing a fortune in a watch is becoming a more common, particularly amongst the rich and famous. Below is a list of some watches whose price tag will make your eyes water: Rolex Rolex is to the watch ... Read More »

Tips for Choosing Your Eco Friendly Jewelry


Though materials like gold and diamonds are natural products, not all jewelry created with them is eco-friendly. Excavating land in search of these items disrupts the earth and uses many harmful tools and chemicals. Some manufacturers use harsh chemicals when creating their products, and many are extremely wasteful in their manufacturing processes. Many jewelry manufacturers claim to have eco-friendly products, ... Read More »

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