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Sunglasses Are A Fashionable Accessory To Own

sunglasses 2013

Sunglasses are one of the coolest fashion items available in the world today. Celebrities have recognized this for years, as it is sometimes is there method of stating, “I am too cool and good looking to even make eye contact with such an ordinary Joe”. However, for all of us ordinary Joes to pull off the cool sunglasses look without ... Read More »

The Perfect Ways To Wear Pearls

pearl necklace

If you some gorgeous pearl jewellery tucked into the back of your jewellery box and you just never get the chance to wear, then find the perfect outfit to make your pearls shine. I can understand that wearing pearls can be difficult, as sometimes they can feel like they are too much and don’t really go with your outfit. I ... Read More »

How are Prints set to Dominate Men’s Winter Fashions?

mens winter fashions

Carrying Prints Well Prints have been a huge part of men’s style throughout the whole of 2012, so there should be nothing in stores in preparation for Autumn/Winter that is set to shock fashion conscious men and force them into a year-end style retreat. While prints started the year as a common staple on button down shirts and perhaps certain ... Read More »

Essential Tips for Wearing Stylish Men’s T-Shirts

stylish men's t-shirts

T-Shirt Importance The importance of the reliable t-shirt in men’s fashion could never be overstated. It is probably alongside jeans the most important of men’s style staples. It is amazing, then, that so many men still fail to get their style choices correct when it comes to t-shirts, whether it be in the manner they wear them, what they wear ... Read More »

Avoiding Men’s Winter Fashion Faux Pas

men's winter fashion 2013

Many men just don’t consider whether they should think about creating a winter wardrobe that is both fashionable and suitable for winter weather. Wearing whatever seems to be suited to the weather in hand is how most men view their winter clothing. Always choosing function over form, rather than considering both elements, is what leads to many men’s winter passion ... Read More »

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