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Top 5 Maxi Dress Trends to Try Now

The printed dress trend is getting bigger and bigger and we adore it – especially on maxi dresses. This fall we picked patterns that will make you fall in love with just one glance. They are so in and are stylishly fashionable – from traditional plaids to clean graphic grids dresses – the textile designs for the fall 2017 are ... Read More »

Comfort is the priority in Fashion


“I do love clothes, but sometimes I think I should pay more attention to what I am wearing. I just wear what’s more comfortable”. Kate Hudson Everyone loves to shop the most stylish and trendy attires that are in fashion while they focus on so many things/aspects of the same apparel style. This is because what others can see are ... Read More »

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Posture

You might not have thought much about your posture since your mother lectured you about it when you were a child, but having good posture is important for many reasons. These are just some of the many things that you should know about your posture. Good Posture Can Help You Wear Your Clothes Better If you start paying more attention ... Read More »

How to Wear Your Diamond Necklace

  A diamond necklace is more than just another piece in your jewelry collection; it’s a special ornament that should be worn the right way. Some people wear their diamonds on a daily basis, and this can work if you have something simple that pairs well with everyday work and leisure clothing. A small diamond on the end of a ... Read More »

Seven Best Fashion Tips for Full-Figured Women

Fashion choices for full figured women used to be limited. However, the “size zero” trend is going out and curves are back in business. There are many designers who cater specifically in plus size clothing for modern women. This is great news for women with a full figure because they are going to find some great designs. Before you go ... Read More »

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