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Top Eyeglass Habits That Damage Your Lens & Frame

Remember having the perfect pair of cool spectacles one day and ending up with scratched and cracked lenses, bent frames, or a broken nose pad not long after your purchase? Okay, maybe you didn’t damage your glasses that soon, but I’m sure most of you four-eyes out there have definitely done so at some point in time.

Like many eyeglass newbies who endured the same fate, most of us wished we knew what we did wrong from the get go so we could have saved our frames. But even after wearing glasses for so long, sometimes old habits are just too hard to break, spelling another impending eyewear mishap.

Though it’s embarrassing to admit, I’ve wore a total of six prescription glasses in a span twelve years. The point is I’ve enough experience to tell you exactly what things I’ve been innocently doing wrong in all those years of wearing specs. Inevitably, it’s about time I tell you all about it.


You might not be aware, but you tend to wipe your glasses on your shirt, handkerchief, and your jeans every now and then thinking you’re doing a quick wipe. Wrong. In actuality, you’re doing a quick scratch. Most clothing material, especially denim, will scratch your lens. In turn, it will cloud your vision hence defeating the purpose of wearing glasses. So, maybe simple scratches don’t seem that bad? But when you do it once, twice, and too many times, you shouldn’t be surprised to see distracting spots when you wear your glasses.

Back then, I tend to forget bringing my eyeglass hard case. After a while of just stuffing my glasses in my bag together with my ballpen, make-up, notebooks and what not, I came home to find a bent piece of metal inside my bag. The lenses popped out of the frame. Mind you, my bag then was quite heavy. I neglected to keep my glasses in a sturdy protective case.

Another eye glass disaster: I placed my specs inside my pocket while running like there was tomorrow in our school gym. Upon impact with an unsuspecting student, I knew something snapped deep inside my pants pocket. I felt my glasses with my hand and realized the rim broke. So please, avoid wearing specs (or in my case, pocketing them) when you’re exercising or playing sports. There are athletic goggles especially made for that, so keep them glasses hidden while you’re working out.

Other nasty habits include putting eyewear lens face down on a table, leaving them close to the edge of that table, and the occasional oh-no-i-left-it-on-the-bed/chair and somebody-crushed-it-sorry scenario.

So, be mindful. The opposite of damaging your eyeglasses is taking good care of it. Clean your lenses. Run it through the tap and use liquid soap to lightly wash it. Pat it dry with a non-abrasive cloth and you’ll be seeing the world more clearly. That’s just one simple tip that can go a long way.

Admit it. It’s easy to take prescription glasses for granted when you wear it every day. But now that I’ve pointed out these nasty habits, you have far greater chances of keeping your glasses than I have in the last twelve years. Now show some love for your specs.

George is a marketing specialist for Eyeglasses4all a Online Designer Eyeglasses Store. He loves fashion and trends as well as his cat murfy.


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