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Here are 6 Yoga Trends to Try in 2017

yoga trends

Here are 6 Yoga Trends to Try in 2017

When it comes to your attire, Yoga clothing can make or break your practice. In perfect yoga clothing you’re always comfortable. Comfort and fit are keys so you can focus on doing the poses instead of wasting time with your outfit. Current fashion trends impact have changed everything from difficult to ease in apparel industry in which yoga clothing also impressed by today’s fashion.

Here we will discuss yoga trends which keep your body fit; some guidelines of yoga fashion by Betty are below to know what to wear and what not to wear in yoga practices as per today’s trends.

Shorts vs Leggings

Shorts are always perfect for running and training at home, but it do not fit for yoga classes. If you want to stay confident in yoga, you must cover up your legs if you want to think about is whether or not someone can see your private stuff.

So the better solution is full length leggings, which are not only covered your booty but also it will absorb your sweat. And leggings will help you to make poses easier than loose shorts.

Cotton Undies

Usually cotton gets wet heavily and does not dry quickly. So to avoid this problem, you must buy wicking fabrics which keep the skin dry from sweat.

Thin or Holey Pants

This might be funny for others and embarrassing for you when you are revealing poses and someone see your ass from light colored bottom hole. Always keep checking your pants, are they not so old and do not have any hole.

That’s why we will recommend you to always wear dark color leggings and use durable material from well known brands.

Revealing Tops

It’s so embarrassing when you see a woman in yoga class that her boobs fell out of her shirt, because she wearing tight shirts. When a woman adopt yoga trends and fashion wears, she do not know some tops seem fit when walking around but these tops don’t support in yoga classes where she have to practice with different flexible poses.

Usually these are light colored risky tops. To avoid from a nip slip, women should wear sports shirts that contain shelf-bras which is today’s fashion in modern world’s yoga classes.

High-waist Workout Leggings and Yoga Pants

High-waist yoga pants are new stylish addition in yogi’s wardrobe. However difficult your pose they support you well and keep your shape perfect. Wearing high-waist yoga pants with backless tops an alternative way to showing of the waistline.

Yoga fashion for beginners

Yoga blocks and cushion are helpful in workout for yoga beginners.  They support their body for more difficult poses. Straps also aid in stretching and help them to get more flexibility in practice.

Hopefully you have learned from these yoga trends in clothing, if you still have suggestions do not forget to write below in comments section.


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