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Top 5 Gifts Ideas for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Gifts Ideas

Top 5 Gifts Ideas for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Despite the various times of year that are used for gift giving, a woman’s birthday is one that should never be forgotten. Remembering your girlfriend’s birthday is step one in getting her a great gift, but the second step can prove to be way more difficult: what to get her.

Most women will claim that men are way more challenging to shop for when it comes to gifts. However, some women will admit that we can be just as difficult to decide what we believe is the perfect gift. Even if your girlfriend hasn’t provided you with the exact gift she desires for her birthday, here are five gift ideas that are sure to win her heart.

  1. Makeup Palette

Does your girlfriend love looking her best before leaving the house? Maybe you catch her watching makeup tutorials on YouTube regularly. If this sounds like your significant other, consider getting her a new makeup palette. Lots of palettes are multi-functional meaning they can be used for contouring, eye-shadow, and blush.

If you’ve heard her mention wanting a particular type of new makeup or a specific brand, half the work is done for you. Two places to do some quick research are her current makeup collection to see what brands she uses and to ask her friends to do some reconnaissance for you.

  1. Cooking Class

Maybe your girlfriend is a whiz in the kitchen and peruses Pinterest often for new recipes to try out. Signing her up for a cooking class will leave the guesswork up to the facilitator so she can enjoy preparing a new dish. Consider looking for a class that you both can enjoy together.

To find a class near you, try a quick google search or check out a place like Groupon for discounted cooking classes. This is another gift that keeps on giving because you’ll most likely be able to appreciate what you just cooked by sharing the meal together. Here’s a pro tip: look for a class that offers a wine pairing with whatever is being taught.

  1. Hair Styling Tools

Gifts Ideas

If you’ve heard her friends “ooh” and “aah” over her hair, a new set of hair styling tools might be the right gift for her, like one of these Brilliance New York Gift Sets. Most girls probably won’t invest the same in their hair styling as they will in their hair care, which can be counterproductive when it comes to hair health. Do her a favor and step up her styling game when she may be hesitant to do it for herself.

In case you don’t know, most hair styling tools use heat to style a woman’s hair. If you’re able to, consider giving her a high-quality heat protectant to keep her locks feeling soft. Stores that sell hair care products can recommend one to you that should work best based on her hair type. Let them know if she has curly/straight hair, thick/thin, and how often she is styling it.

  1. Massage

Is your girlfriend one of the hardest working people you know? Is she always thinking about work and never genuinely giving her mind a rest? Maybe some encouragement to treat herself to some rest and relaxation from you is what she needs. Massage therapy is known to have some great physical and mental benefits.

You can purchase a gift certificate at a local massage center. She’ll likely be able to pick the type of pressure she wishes when she schedules her appointment. If you know her schedule, go one step further and make the appointment for her. She’ll thank you for taking one more thing off her already full plate.

  1. Painting and Wine

You’ve likely seen something about those classes where you can paint and drink wine at the same time. They are becoming increasingly popular and are an excellent activity for you to do together. That’s like three gifts in one: painting, drinking wine, and quality time.

A quick google search using the phrase “paint and wine” should yield a decent number of local places that offer these classes. Most will provide at least the canvas, painting tools, and paint. Online calendars typically allow you to select which painting you’ll learn in a given class. You can pick one you think you’ll both enjoy or leave it up to your girlfriend to choose a night to go.

If you are the one to provide the wine, select her favorite to bring along. This can even be part of how you present the gift to her. If you visit a wine specialty store to purchase the bottle of wine, ask a sales associate to recommend cheeses and meats to make a charcuterie board to compliment the wine. This will give you something to snack on and help soak up some of the wine while you create a beautiful creation on your canvas.



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