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T-Shirts Digital Printing | How to Get Personalized T-Shirts Designs

T-Shirts Digital Printing

Digital printing is the future of t-shirt printing. Many traditional silk screen printers have spent several years learning their crafts and argue that using a digital t-shirt printer is ridiculous. They are used to pulling the squeegee and printing something. Some complain that it looks different, the print speed is low, a digital garment printer is too expensive and it cannot handle special inks and fabrics.

T-Shirts Digital Printing

That might be true in the past. However, as technology develops, new digital fabric printers have solved all these problems. It’s not a problem to print a hundred pieces of t-shirts within an hour due to the new print head technology. The new discharging ink makes the printed part feels the same as the original fabric. Soon we will see the Hexachrome ink system instead of the traditional CMYK system, and then color reproduction will be more accurate.

Using  t-shirts digital printing not only reduces transaction costs but also lower labor and production costs. One big challenge is the cost of inks, but it will fall eventually with more and more manufacturers and competitions.

T-Shirts Digital Printing

Also, you do not need other investment if you apply a DTG printer for your business, do not need an additional screen room as well as a well-trained art staff. You need no more than three people to operate your t-shirt printing services in Singapore. When you get an order, you can quickly print it out which is your competitive edge.

Digital t-shirt printing is different. It prints differently on the shirt, looks different on the shirt; some feel different on the shirt. The advantage of a digital t-shirt printer is printing the design on the shirt quicker and more efficiently. Consumers will accept the difference as it becomes more commonplace because they always like cool and cheap shirts and they don’t care how it was printed. If you are still pulling a squeegee, someday in the future you’ll find that your potential customers have moved to somewhere else.

T-shirts digital printing services are being offered in wide ranges globally, the following are a few of them.

  1. Sports Team and Corporate Windbreaker Design & Printing
  2. Sports Team Dri-Fit Attire Design & Printing
  3. Sports Team Caps & T-Shirt Printing
  4. Class Shirt / CCA T-Shirt Printing
  5. Corporate Polo Design & Printing
  6. University/Polytechnic Jacket/Windbreaker Design & Printing
  7. Muslimah Printing and design
  8. School Camp T-Shirt Printing



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