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How to Take Care of Your Expensive Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes

High-end designer shoes can cost a fortune. Whether they are brand new or pre-owned, they can cost twice your monthly salary, or even more. You will have to skimp on certain things, especially on your usual indulgences, to save enough money to buy the latest Balenciaga shoes

If you used your credit card to buy a pair of branded shoes that caught your eye, you would also have to hold back on your regular expenditures. You have to do this until you pay the full amount to avoid excessive charges and interests.

And because you will work hard to get your hands on a highly-coveted pair of designer shoes, you want them to look amazing for a long time. You want them to last beyond a few uses as well.

To protect your investment in your high-end branded shoes, and get the most from each pair, follow these tips to maintain and protect them:

1.    Re-sole leather soles with rubber ones

If you bought designer footwear with leather soles, resist the temptation to wear them immediately and head to a cobbler or shoe repair shop and have them covered with rubber soles first.

Leather soles are quite delicate. They can get scratched easily. They wear off quickly if you keep using them as well.

To avoid the premature wearing off of leather soles and keep your shoes looking great, have them upgraded with thin rubber ones. You can have the entire out-sole covered or replaced.

Another option would be to have rubber added to the tips of the heels to reduce wear and tear in this area.

2.    Consider the climate in your area in your shoe care practices

If you are still shopping for your next high-end footwear, think about the typical weather conditions in your place and prepare for additional care and maintenance steps.

In case you live in a dry or hot area, be prepared to condition your shoes more often. If you reside in a humid place, you will always need to have a stock of moisture-absorbing gel or bags.

If you live in an area where it rains or snows all the time, impregnate your leather and suede shoes.  This process is particularly crucial if you bought a pair of Saint Laurent boots.

Impregnating your shoes will make them water-resistant. You have to repeat this process every three or four months to maintain your footwear’s protective coating.

3.    Clean and maintain your shoes regularly

Taking care of your expensive footwear is crucial if you want to preserve their incredible look and quality.

Clean and polish all your designer shoes regularly. Apply cream polish on soft leather and light-colored footwear.

Check suede shoes frequently for scuff marks. If you see any, remove them using a suede stone or small brush.

Lastly, spray leather and suede shoes with a silicone protectant product to protect them against possible weather damage due to rain or snow.

4.    Store your footwear properly

The best storage area for your expensive branded shoes is in the box they came in. As such, avoid throwing away the box, tissue paper, and dust bag.

When not using your shoes, stuff them with the tissue paper and store them in the box they came in before placing them in your shoe closet.

Consider getting some shoe trees as well. These tools are excellent for retaining the shape of your footwear while they are in storage.

Shoe trees also help iron the small wrinkles on your footwear. This, in turn, reduces the wear and tear and helps make your shoes look almost as good as new.

5.    Keep your shoes away from pets

Dogs and cats have a terrible habit of chewing on anything, including your shoes. If they are untrained, they may even pee or poop on your expensive footwear accidentally.

As such, always keep your shoes in their boxes and store them in the closet if they are unused. Store the pairs you usually wear in a small cabinet with a door that is not easily opened near your home entrance.

Never leave your expensive shoes on the floor or anywhere within your pet’s reach. If you do, say goodbye to your favorite branded footwear.

Whether you have plans of selling your high-end designer shoes in the future or you want to wear them for a long time, follow the tips above to keep them looking brand new for years to come.


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