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How to Buy Children’s Sunglasses

Kids have become very fashion-conscious these days, with increasing exposure through television and the Internet. They want the same pair of designer sunglasses that they see on their parents, older siblings or even their teen idol. There’s no denying that their cuteness quotient is upped by a neat pair of shades. But did you know that sunglasses are not just a good-to-have for your children, but a must-have?

Eye and Skin Protection from Harsh Sunlight:

On any given day, kids may be exposed to sunlight much longer than adults. Their delicate eyes, including the surrounding skin, may not be able to handle the strong UltraViolet (UV) and near-UV or High Energy Visible (HEV) rays. Each pair of sunglasses gets a rating in terms of percentage of UV light it is capable of blocking. Find a pair of children’s sunglasses that offer the highest protection against UVA, UVB and HEV type rays; anything with a 99% or more rating is good. Prescription sunglasses are also available for those children having vision impairments. Among the various styles available, oversized wraparound sunglasses work best since they cover maximum surface area and fit securely on the nose bridge.

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You can’t keep children away from mischief, try as you might. What you can do is opt for lenses that won’t scratch easily with all the falls and scrapes; polycarbonate is a tough material. Do not opt for glass lenses unless they are prescription lenses that the doctor recommended. Plastic lenses are better for kids and do not come off from the frame as easily. The frames should be flexible enough to sustain the constant stress they are put through; spring hinges are good for this purpose. Get a retainer, which is a cord that attaches to both ends of the frame and hangs around the child’s neck when they take off their sunglasses.

Appeal to Kids:

Children have a mind of their own. They are not inclined to wear a pair that was picked out for them. So let them make a decision on the design and shape of the frame with your guidance, while you help choose the best frame. In this way, the sunglasses will be much more than a passing fad; rather, a good habit inculcated for life. Your encouragement goes a long way in getting a child adjusted to sunglasses as does leading by example, since they love doing grown-up things.

Sufficient Back-Up:

Kids sunglasses provide limited shade to the face, so it is advisable to team your child’s sunglasses with a matching hat having a wide brim. This will extend the protection to the rest of the face and the neck. When the sun it at its highest, from about 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., it is time for little ones to rest. Keep them away from the harsh outdoors during this period. Also, check at the sunglass store if you are eligible for a discount on an additional pair. This can be stored as back-up in case the first pair gets damaged, or you can buy one for a formal look and the other for casual wear. Another idea is to buy them in two completely different colors to match various outfits.

You can see how important sunglasses are for children. The extra money spent on high-quality eyewear will do their health a lot of good in the long run. The first of anything is very special and memorable, and so it is with a child’s first pair of sunglasses. Make sure you follow these guidelines and buy your kid the perfect pair.


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