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The ultimate checklist for a memorable hen party

Image courtesy of kim siciliano salem, Flickr Planning a Hen Party can be an extremely stressful affair. How many people are coming? Where are we going? How many people will turn up without having RSVP’d? The decisions can be maddening. If you’re organising a friend’s Hen Party, there is a lot to remember and a lot to juggle around. From planning transport to deciding on themes and costumes, it’s a good idea for the organiser to make sure that she has all the essentials ticked off before the ensuing madness.

This will help you to concentrate on what needs to be done and ensure that you get everything booked, planned and ready to go in due time. Who’s coming? First point of call is to meet with the bride and decide who she would like to invite. Make a list of all their names and contact details and create a database. With so many people – some of whom you may not know – creating a database is a great way to keep on top of things easily.Similarly, creating a Facebook group is also an ideal way of keeping guests up to date with plans and times and is also a practical and inexpensive way of guests contacting you.

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Remember; do not include the bride in this group! Once you have a good idea of how many people can attend, you can then work out suitable dates, venues and how much it’ll cost. Where do you go? It’s a good idea to think carefully about who’s coming and make the party suitable for all. If the Mother-of-the-Bride is coming, maybe an alcohol-fuelled party in a strip club is not the most prudent idea. An alternative, however, is to plan two separate celebrations; a relaxed meal with close friends and family, followed by a night out with the girls. Where you decide to go is also very much up to the bride’s own constitution.

If a night of male strippers, baby oil and vodka shots is not her thing, then plan accordingly. This is meant to be her night, not yours. Transport Whether you decide to take a ride in a long, pink limo or a modest mini-bus, it is crucial that you book transport before the big night. The last thing the bride wants is to be stuck with a group of inebriated, bizarrely dressed women harassing startled taxi drivers in the middle of the night. Themes and accessories It seems to be an unwritten rule that the bride should be festooned with fairy-wings, feather boas and tacky accessories. If the bride is up for it, then festoon away.

However, if the bride prefers something a little less brazen, then consider a simple sash or tiara. Nonetheless, celebrating a Hen Party in fancy dress is always good fun for everybody. But, remember, Hen Parties don’t always have to be synonymous with stockings, short skirts and wonderbras. Why not think outside of the box? If the bride is a renowned Harry Potter fan, then don a cap and straddle a broom. If the bride has always had a bit of a crush on David Beckham, why not all wear a Manchester United tops and carry Beckham masks? Sometimes irony and humour is just as entertaining as nurse uniforms.

Image courtesy of ralph and jenny, Flickr Remember, this is the bride’s last night of freedom, her final hurrah where she can say a temporary goodbye to her inhibitions, sensibilities and, more than likely, a few items of clothes. However, regardless of where (and in what manner) you decide to hold the Hen Party, the most important aspect is to make sure that the bride has an enjoyable night, one she’ll try to remember for years after.This article is brought to you by Chat Mag Bingo.


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