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Top 5 Fashion Apps

There’s an app for everything these days and the world of fashion is definitely not the exception. Creative minds from companies around the world have been hard at work developing innovative new apps tailor-made for fashionistas. Here’s a list of the top 5 fashion apps currently available, ranging from trend spotting to wardrobe management!

1. Stylebook

Once you’ve tried this wardrobe management app, you’ll never go back. Users can finally organize their wardrobe once and for all with Stylebook. Simply take pictures of all your clothes and accessories, and upload them to the app directly. Stylebook will keep track of your top outfits, and even allow you to take inspiration from clothing from online stores to create a virtual wardrobe. Now, before you buy your next blazer or pair of jeans, you can see how your new purchase would fit into your existing wardrobe collections, and mix and match them with the clothes you currently own.

stylebook app

2. Trendabl

Spotting the latest fashion trend has never been easier than with Trendabl. The app allows its users to post images and tag them according to keywords and trends. Other users can recommend posts, and the app is fully integrated with twitter and Facebook, making it easy to spread the word. Follow your friends’ post, or posts from top designers and celebrities like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Like other social media, Trendable is great because it encourages sharing and allows you to mingle with top stars and designers in a virtual space.

Trendabl app

3. Vogue Stylist

Not everyone can afford a personal designer. That’s why the geniuses at Vogue have come up with Vogue Stylist. This innovative app takes into account the weather in your area before presenting you with several looks. You can tag items that you like, or look them up further, directly from the app. Vogue Stylist also includes content and personal tips from editors to help you stay on trend no matter where you are!

vogue stylist app

4. The Cools

The Cools is one of the most exciting new shopping and social apps available. Users can sign up for a free account and immediately get access to a huge selection of trendy clothes, accessories and more. The best part is that The Cools allows you to purchase items directly from the buyer, so there are always great deals to be had. In addition, users can share their taste and form a following, or follow established stylists and fashion bloggers. For those of us who already have a little too much in our wardrobes, the app even allows you to sell your own products directly through the site.

The Cools app

5. Hipswap

Hipswap is a great app that allows users to buy and sell trendy accessories, clothing and other items. It’s fully supported by prominent fashion forward women like Kylie Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What makes the app so great is that it brings together a user base that truly appreciates high quality and stylish items. You can purchase your next great outfit directly from the app, or online through hipswaps’ full website.

hipswap app

Author: The post was supplied on behalf of Simply Beach, online swimwear and lingerie fashion store based in the UK.


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