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Jewelry as an Accessory for Accentuating Outfits

Jewelry as an Accessory

There are various kinds of jewelry with distinct color shades available in the market. Therefore, one must know what kind of jewelry goes with what kind of outfit for an enhanced look. This is the key to accentuating one’s attire for an attractive appearance.

One should know the kind of jewelry as an accessory to wear and exactly how they should be worn. Just enough number of jewelry should be worn for any given attire in order to achieve a cohesive look. The first important factor to consider is the materials the jewelry is made of. This means that the jewelry should not just match the outfit but also each other. For instance, gold jewelry cannot be mixed with those made of glass.

One does not necessarily have to wear jewelry of a similar color as that of their outfit but one that is complementary is just enough. For instance, a blue dress would blend perfectly well with blue jewelry but wearing the same with gold or diamond jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bangles or even rings would look just perfect. It is also important for every piece of jewelry worn to match each other so that the wearer can look great generally.

For a look with a more personalized touch, one can wear customized jewelry that features the name or picture of either the wearer or even that of a loved one. It can also feature the picture of a place that is really loved by the wearer. When wearing a necklace, one should note that the farthest it should go is the collarbone line unless it is those long ones with beads that are meant to go past the neckline of the top one is wearing.

Another important aspect of wearing any kind of jewelry as an accessory is to test them in order to ensure that the wearer is comfortable in them. This ensures that they do not have to remove the jewelry when they are at the important event they intend to attend.

Jewelry as an Accessory

Mixing formal jewelry with a casual outfit or vice versa is a sure way of getting an attractive look. For instance, a women wearing a casual outfit such as a T-shirt and jeans trouser, can go for the formal pearls and LYR Design jewelry. This is quite elegant but pairing this with a pair of sexy heels takes the look to the next level, making the woman look hot!


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