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Kate Middleton Infographic

Kate Middleton has sent the fashion world into a royal frenzy. The beautiful new bride has hats, jackets, skirts and dresses truly fit for a princess. Middleton’s wardrobe has every one talking and for good reason. Middleton has a sense of fashion that is modest, sexy and extremely stylish. Since Middleton’s fashion sense is also punctuated with her to-die-for-hats, she has started a new trend that is sure to take over. If you want to look like her, select colours that look great with your skin, something Middleton’s quite an expert in. She sticks to blues, greens, greys and whites, which make her eyes and hair look brighter and younger. When Middleton wears dresses that are traditional and formal, she accentuates then with really modern heels and accessories that are really bright and keep her looking young and exciting. Middleton’s also seen pairing her laid back outfits with formal hats and flowers to give herself a feminine and royal look.

Duchess Effect

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