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How to Wear Your Diamond Necklace



A diamond necklace is more than just another piece in your jewelry collection; it’s a special ornament that should be worn the right way. Some people wear their diamonds on a daily basis, and this can work if you have something simple that pairs well with everyday work and leisure clothing. A small diamond on the end of a pendant can be worn with blouses and even casual shirts such as polos. It will also complement a basic dress that you wear in the daytime whether you are heading to the office, a meeting or a day of shopping and other recreation.

A more ornate diamond necklace requires an occasion, however. Something opulent and breathtaking cannot be worn every day. These diamonds are appropriate for events that are more on the formal side. If you are dressing in an evening gown or arriving at a ball, a large diamond necklace at your throat will be attention grabbing and beautiful. Most women are careful to match their necklaces with other accessories. Wear matching diamonds on your ears, your fingers, wrists and even on your head if you have an elegant headband or a clip that shows off glittering and impressive diamonds. You can visit this website for more information on which pieces of jewelry to wear for particular occasions.

Many such pieces are family heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation. If your diamonds are part of your family estate, you might have particular occasions when you want to wear them. Your older relatives might expect to see you with your necklace on at certain family gatherings, reunions and other special events. If your diamonds are new, you will not have any such familial obligations, but you will probably be anxious to show them off.

Whether you have a simple diamond necklace that can be worn every day or a brilliant necklace that is reserved for special occasions only, make sure you keep your diamonds safe and insured. This type of jewel is an investment, and it must be protected like any other asset. Keep it in a safe or locked away in a place that few people can access. Enjoy your diamonds and take pride in wearing your necklace any time you have the opportunity.


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