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7 Tips For Amazing Healthy Hair

When it’s gorgeous and glossy, hair can be a real head-turner. A stunning set of locks are sure to grab attention from all directions when it’s in its finest state. However like all things, hair needs to be taken care of if that healthy glow is to remain. Here are 7 great tips on how to keep hair looking simply stunning.

1) Refrain from washing hair daily

Washing hair daily may seem like the healthiest option, but it will in fact take the good natural oils out of hair, leaving locks looking dry. Ladies should wash hair every other day, or three times a week instead, to give those natural oils time to do their job. A common mistake, washing hair daily is something to definitely avoid for ladies wanting their hair to be at its best from roots to tip.

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2) Take care to trim hair regularly

Trimming hair regularly is essential for ladies wanting to maintain that healthy look. The recommended waiting time between trimming hair is around 6 weeks. This will keep those split ends under control and keep hair from looking frizzy and worn out. Girls aiming to grow their hair long should also keep up a regular trim. Despite what urban myth suggests, getting a regular shape-up won’t prevent hair from growing at its normal pace and it’ll keep it looking healthy.

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3) Calm hair with conditioner

When showering, ladies should use conditioner (preferably a deep cleansing conditioner), in order to protect hair. Not only will conditioner help to untangle those frustrating knots, it will also give hair that healthy shine that gets the guys looking! An easy way to get that famous, silky-smooth look, regular conditioning of hair will have girls feeling confident and under control.

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4) Avoid harsh chemicals

Avoid harsh chemicals and try to refrain from regularly using bleach on hair. Colouring hair too often will drain hair of its natural oils, taking away that lovely gloss and shine. Hair looks most healthy in its natural state, but for ladies who like to use colour, the less the better. Stay away from chemicals that make hair look tired and worn out, and stick to keeping it as natural as possible.

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5) Protect when styling

For girls with wild, frizzy hair, straightening may be a daily activity. That’s fine, keep on taming those locks but don’t forget to protect fragile tresses! Subjecting hair to so much heat is guaranteed to take its toll if not properly protected. Misting hair over with heat protection spray will stop locks from looking dried out and frizzled. The same applies when using iron tongs or curlers, protect hair prior to curling to stop hair appearing shabby and keep it looking shiny. Cheap to purchase, heat protection spray will do wonders for hair, making it look great all year around.

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6) Refrain from constantly styling

Messy buns, high ponytails, plaits and French braids all look great, there’s no doubt about it. But try not to over-style hair. All the best hairstyles require a bit of tugging, pulling and rough loving, which is fine…occasionally. Once every so often let hair fall free and hang naturally to escape the stress of being pulled and tugged. Too much mussing will make hair look tired and frayed at the ends, so give it some gentle TLC once in a while and let it just be free!

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7) Keep hair healthy with vital vitamins

Believe it or not, hair – just like the human body – needs vital vitamins to keep it looking well and healthy. The antioxidant Vitamin C is amongst these, and will keep hair healthy from the roots to the ends. Other essential supplements include vitamins A, Biotin and Inositol, which will all help maintain that gorgeous glow. So women should keep a healthy diet, full of fruit and veg, not only for their bodies but also to help their beautiful locks stay healthy and fine.

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These 7 great tips will keep hair looking healthy and well 24/7. From avoiding harsh chemicals to washing with care, these simple tips will help ladies to maintain that stunning shine. By following these few, simple tips ladies can keep hair healthy and be confident night and day.

By Maria Hubbard, who’s 8th tip is to use Alfaparf hair care products to maintain healthy hair.


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