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The Best Colours to Wear On a First Date

First Date

The Best Colours to Wear On a First Date

First dates are stressful: you have to put forward the best version of yourself to someone you barely know, along with looking the part and keeping your spinach out of your teeth at all times.

The popular opinion that first impressions really count is popular because it’s true; you don’t get another chance to really wow a person if your first meeting is a flop.

With all that to think about, it can be a real challenge to pick an outfit to wear, let alone think about which colour to wear.

But don’t get yourself stressed out just yet because Missy Empire, a women’s fashion retailer, has conducted a survey of 1,000 British people to find out which colour they would feel most comfortable with their date wearing

They say that pink makes the boys wink, but the survey suggests that you should avoid the colour at all costs. Pink, which was chosen by a mere 5.9% of those surveyed, was the least popular colour on the survey, closely followed by green which was chosen by only 6% of respondents.

On the flip side, the survey shows some clear winners on the colour wheel, with three colours standing out as the best to wear on a first date.

#3 Blue

Keeping it cool in third place is blue, which was voted into the top three first date clothing colours by 12.2% of survey respondents.

Blue is a relaxed colour and, regardless of the shade, it isn’t too in your face, which is perfect for a first date. Pale blue is a great colour for a daytime date as it screams casual but is still attractive, whereas a dark blue is ideal for an evening date as it’s chic and stylish.

#2 Red

Coming in at number two is red, which was favoured by 17% of respondents. This classic date night colour is the epitome of class and sass and is best worn with confidence.

Red was the most popular colour amongst the younger respondents, with 23.8% of 18-24 year olds voting for it.

We spoke to Ash Siddique from Missy Empire who said: “Red is typically associated with both passion and anger, the latter being the likely reason why it didn’t come out in the top spot.”

#1 Black

Due to its association with confidence, sexiness, and intelligence, black was decided as the best colour to wear on a first date. In fact, it was a clear winner, with 21% of respondents opting for it as their colour of choice on a first date.

On this, Siddique said:

“Black is a colour which many feel comfortable in, considered by many as being serious and reliable as well as one which portrays many of the desired traits on a first date.”

Regardless of which colour you wear on your first date, you should always wear something which makes you feel confident and comfortable and is appropriate for the activity you’ll be engaging in on the date itself.

If you’re getting seriously stressed about your date, read this really useful first date survival guide from Match.


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