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Must Try Makeup Color Trends

Is your makeup kit filled with traditional lipsticks, neutral-looking eye shadows and boring blush-ons? If yes is your answer, then perhaps it’s about time you upgrade your makeup kit and go for a newer and bolder makeup arsenal.

Say goodbye to your old predictable style and hello to your new and daring self. Below are some of the must try makeup color trends for every occasion.

Cranberry is one of those unique makeup colors that can breathe new life into your aging makeup kit. This shade can definitely add shimmer to an otherwise drab or rainy day. The color comes from a blend of purple and plum which simply packs a mysterious, sophisticated look to the makeup wearer.

Makeup Color Trends

Tangerine comes from a shade of vibrant orange. This type of makeup color suits the summer season but can also be applied regardless of the time of the year. The color is flattering for those with skin toned complexions and emanates a “friendly” and “exotic” look.

Royal blue is a makeup color that provides a touch of mystique to its wearer. Royalty is something that you don’t see everyday – it’s not selling like pancakes. It’s rare and unique but at the same time suits well with almost every type of skin.

When it comes to summer, the mustard yellow makeup color is something that you should really look into. Mustard yellow works well with people who have fair to dark complexion. With this makeup style, you can surely attract tons of attention.

If you’re at your early twenties, styling yourself up with a fuchsia-based makeup is certainly a very good idea. Fuchsia is the color of youth – needless to say, if you want to look younger, applying fuchsia based makeup is the thing for you.

Green is as gorgeous and sexy as it could get. Just think of the enigma of Egypt or the bewilderment that surrounds India – that’s the same level of mystery that comes with a shade of green. The color green also works well with almost any type of skin tone, making it a very appealing choice for women of all styles and ages.

Good fashion sense is a matter of personal taste. Models and the latest fashion trends only serve as a guide and what really matters is how you feel about yourself. Exploring these color hues helps your discover a newer side of you. Mix it up and experiment with various color combinations and figure out what best works with you – that should do the trick.

Suzzane Edwards is a fashion blogger and a self confessed fashionista. When she’s not writing for Overstock Silver, she could be found blogging about Sterling Silver Necklaces, one of her favorite jewel accessories.


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