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Style Guide for Summer 2013 – Maxi Dresses

Word on the street is that Summer is on it’s way (yes, we know, we’re not convinced either) but just in case that pesky little season decides to show it’s face, make sure you are ready for it with our Style Guide for Summer 2013.

The maxi dress isn’t a new invention, not straight off the catwalk. It’s a design that has been around for years for one reason. It works. Summer maxi dresses are forgiving whilst being flattering. They are fashionable without being too ‘try hard’. If you’re new to the maxi dress, or think it’s not for you.. Think again. With the maxi dress, there is something for everyone.

Top fashion magazines are loving the maxi dress this season. Marie Claire picks it’s top 50 here  whilst Tereza, blogger of Cityscape Bliss discusses how they should be worn here. Not sure where to start? Try the fashion worlds search engine Style in View ( to whet your appetite.

There are some basic rules to stick by to make the maxi dress work for you.
Firstly, if you are short, buy Petit. Buying a regular length dress is unlikely to fir your proportions properly, so buy something that’s made to fit you. Wear heels to discreetly add height and elongate your legs. Don’t go overboard with the big, bold prints that are trending at the moment. They add too much fuss around you. Stick with neutrals or small, repetitive prints and opt for a V neckline to elongate your top half.

If you are a curvy girl, choose a maxi with wide straps to balance out your upper arms. If you have a little waist, emphasise it by pulling in the maxi dress with a contrasting belt. By all means go for the big, bold prints that are in fashion at the moment rather than the tiny ones. Create a lean line to your body with a heavy V neck dress for maximum impact.

Across the board, solid neutrals such as black, olive, navy, plum, brown, grey and beige will generally suit everyone. Chose a print that is proportionate to your size, in other words, don’t opt for a huge print if you are tiny and visa versa. Choose your accessories carefully. You don’t want a huge statement necklace with a busy dress, however, it could work perfectly with a plain dress. Be conscious of what footwear you’ll be wearing when you buy your maxi. Ideally, floaty dresses should sit at least one inch above the floor where as fitted dresses can sit much higher.

The maxi dress really does provide something for everyone. Have a shop around for the perfect one that fits and suits you and you’ll be sure to be ready when (if!) Summer arrives!


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