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Longarm – Preparing Your 108″ Wide Quilt Backing


For the best possible results, please read these important reminders:

Please trim all loose threads from the front and back of your top. This is especially important if you are using both light and dark fabrics. Those dark threads will show through if left untrimmed from the back of your quilt top.

Check that your quilt top has square corners and that the borders lie flat. To check that this, measure your quilt top across the top, the bottom and through the middle. These three measurements should be the same. Do this for both the length and width of the top. If there is a significant difference in the measurements it may compromise the quality of the quilting. The most common reason a quilt does not lay flat and square is that the borders have not been measured and applied correctly.

This Moda Forever Green in Parchment measures 108″ wide and is made using 100% quilting cotton. 108″ Quilt Backing Fabric made of 100% cotton.

Your quilt backing and batting need to be 6-8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top. For example, if your top is 60″ X 80″ then your batting and backing must be at least 66″ X 86″. This is important because it gives me room to pin the backing to the rollers on my machine, yet avoid hitting the pins while sewing. Extra width allows room for the side clamps, which also need to be out of range of the sewing needle.

Please do not baste or pin the three layers together, If your piecing design or backing fabric has an up and down, please put a safety pin in each to indicate which end is the top.

When selecting your backing fabric please keep in mind that the quilting thread will be chosen to match your quilt top. If your top fabric is dark, and your backing is light, you will see the contrasting thread on the back. Some people prefer this look, some do not. This will be your choice.

The above Fabric panel is digitally printed with Red Cardinals in Winter designed by Catherine McClung, mark two cardinals on a pine branch surrounded by snow. 100% cotton used to make it and it measures 36 inches in length and 44 inches in width.

Please thoroughly press your quilt top and backing. Creases from being neatly folded are okay.

Backing also needs to be squared and selvages should be removed. If you are piecing the back, I recommend half-inch seams, pressed open. You should also check that the pieces are the same length so the edges are straight.


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