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The new pastel Converse range for spring!

new pastel Converse

We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of pastel shades/colours in recent months. They’re perfect for spring because they help to brighten up any outfit but they aren’t too bright like neon colours.

But what if one of our favourite footwear brands introduces a pastel colour range? How perfect would that be? Well look no further, Converse have done just that for this season! Converse footwear are on trend anyway, and we don’t see them going out of fashion anytime soon. Their new pastel collection is available for all the family (men, women and kids), so there is a pair for everyone.

new pastel Converse

I love Converse trainers, not only because they are super stylish, but because they are extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods. They look good with just about anything, from jeans, to leggings, to shorts and even skirts. Outfit planning just got a whole lot easier with new pastel Converse range.

They’ve created some extremely unique designs. Some are all over pastel but some simply only have a pastel sole. This really enhances the style of the shoe even though it has a minimalistic design. tReds also have style where the upper of the shoe is a pastel mesh which really helps to give them a unique feel. Even the tongue is mesh!

New pastel Converse are perfect for the spring/summer time as they offer a fresh, clean look. I love to wear them with a pair of rolled up denim jeans and a baggy tee for a comfortable, relaxed look. They can also be dressed up if you have a summer BBQ to go to with friends that you want to look glam for.

These trainers will certainly see you right through to next summer thanks to their durable rubber outsole. They look great with a sockless look. You can buy special mini socks that cup up just below the top of the shoe, giving the appearance that you’re not wearing any socks underneath. I’d definitely recommend giving these a go if you’d prefer a sockless look. This is both a stylish and comfortable option.

You can find the new pastel Converse range at tReds are a UK based footwear and fashion retailer who stock a variety of well known brands. My favourite brands from tReds are Converse, Vans, Nike and Dr Martens. They also ship to a number of countries within the EU, so you don’t have to miss out on their spring bargains!


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