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3 Ways to Try Out New Hair Styles

Once you find a hairstyle that works for us, you tend to stick with it.  Often people unknowingly may hang on to a particular hairstyle well past the time when it is still in style.  At other times, as much as you may like the hairstyle you’ve become accustomed to wearing for quite some time, you may suddenly one day decide that you are ready for a change.  However you come to the point of making that decision to change your hair style, deciding what change to make is not always easy.

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Changing hair lengths is an option.  Going from long to short is much easier than the opposite, if you can overcome your fear of this seemingly drastic change.  Growing your hair out to a longer length, which obviously takes more time to do, is always an option, too, if you can be patient with that in-between growing-in length.

Changing hair colors is also not always so simple and can be regretful to change back if the right color isn’t achieved.  Similarly certain cuts, like bangs or layering are not so easily undone either.

Before committing to a new look, whether temporarily or more permanently, until you are sure about what you want, there are other options to try before taking the plunge.

Online Tools

Simply by uploading a recent digital picture of yourself, you can virtually try on different hair-cuts, styles, lengths, or colors.  Go to Google, and search for ‘online hairstyle simulator’ or ‘virtual hairstyle generator’ to find the best tool for you to try on different looks from the comfort of your home.


If you prefer a more hands-on experience, then find a local wig shop to try on different looks.
Start by tying your hair back or wearing a wig cap so that it is easier to try on different wigs without having a lot of stray hairs sticking out from the sides or back.  Once you get comfortable with how to put on a wig and adding a few hairpins to keep it in place, you may find it quite convenient and comfortable to just slip on a new wig to have a quick new look once in a while.

Hair Weaves or Extensions

Another option is to simply enhance your existing hair with hair weaves or extensions.  This is a semi-permanent solution that will feel very secure and natural once it is attached.  Be sure to go for quality materials, such a human hair weave, which you can treat and style like natural hair by dying it, curling or straightening it, and styling or washing it as needed.

With so many options for trying out new hair styles, you may want to try them all out and may even enjoy changing your hairstyles around more often than you previously were used to doing.

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