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How To Get Rid Of Cankles

The term cankles is a combination of the word calf and ankle. A person with cankles has no defined separation between their calf and their ankle. Many people assume cankles only occur in overweight people, however this is a misnomer. The cankle condition is a result of inadequate muscles in the calf area, excess weight or an accumulation of fluid from excess sodium or pregnancy.



Natural Ways To Eliminate Cankles:

Lose Weight:
If cankles are being caused by excess fat, losing weight is the ideal way to eliminate them. Begin eating a healthy diet full of lean meats, vegetables and fruit.

Avoid Sodium:
If cankles are being caused by excess salt, reducing sodium intake is the best way to eliminate cankles. Drink plenty of plain water to flush fluid build-up and sodium from the body. Carefully read all labels on foods as sodium is in almost everything. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all foods to be clearly labeled with its nutritional values. It is vitally important to know how much salt is being consumed. The daily recommended salt intake is between 2,000 and 2,500 milligrams. Sodium is used to preserve foods, so it is found in every processed food, tap water and soda. For example, a one cup serving of frozen corn has 560 milligrams of sodium in it. This results in an intake of 25 percent of a daily sodium allowance from one item in one meal.

An insufficient amount of muscle mass in the lower leg will cause cankles to form. Exercise will help reduce and eliminate those unsightly cankles. It must be noted, cankles take time and effort to reduce. Exercise will help but the results will take time, so patience is required. Targeting this area of the body is best accomplished with a few simple exercises which will result in beautifully toned calves and ankles.

  1.  Start with some jumping jacks to build up the flabby muscles in the lower leg.
  2.  Calf raises are often a very effective method of getting rid of cankles. Calf raises are a repetitious exercise of raising up on the toes and returning to a flat stance.
  3.  Step aerobics is a fantastic way to build up muscle mass and reduce cankles.
  4.  Jogging is another fabulous exercise to eliminate the appearance of cankles.
  5.  Take up cycling. Cycling outside or with an exercise bike will build up leg muscles and help eradicate cankles.

High Heels:
Wear high heels. High heeled shoes raise the calf muscle reducing the appearance of cankles. High heels are often uncomfortable for many women, so find a lovely yet comfortable pair to wear.

Surgical Removal Of Cankles:
Surgical removal of cankles is an option after trying natural options. If losing weight, changing diet and exercise have not worked, it may be time to consult with a plastic surgeon.
This procedure is known as ankle or cankle liposuction. The surgical procedure removes fatty deposits and extra skin around the ankle and lower leg to produce a lean and attractive lower leg. Liposuction is a permanent and immediate resolution to cankles.

Some people choose to have calf implants to remedy their ankle and calf issues. Calf implants have the effect of producing a nicely shaped lower leg while minimizing heavy ankles. Liposuction of ankles and calf implants are rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity. Both procedures are done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic and a relatively quick recovery period. Statistically speaking, both of the procedures have minimal risks, a plastic surgeon should fully inform their potential patient about the risks and the results of surgery.



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