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Tips for Experimenting with a New Look

Changing your style can be difficult. The fear of the unknown is often stifling and the initial feeling of something new can feel uncomfortable. But we all need to step outside of our comfort zone at times in order to discover something new – and finding out who we really are as human beings.

So, if you are looking to update your style and do something different, here are a few tips to help you get started. These tips will guarantee you experiment without fear and while still maintaining a comfortable and personalized style.

New Look

Find your ideal fashion muse

You should start by finding a fashion muse. It can be a person you know in real life or a male celebrity you admire. The key is to find someone who is a bit different from you. Ideally, you want the person to be someone you’d love to look if you didn’t have any inhibitions or fears.

Browse Instagram and fashion magazines to find the person you admire the most in terms of looks. Then start analyzing their style a bit deeper. What is it that appeals to you in how the person dresses? Perhaps it is the colours they use or just the unique style they have. Start writing down the things you really admire and you’ll start getting a better sense of what you’d like to try.

Add new colours to your wardrobe

You don’t need to start with anything crazy. In fact, you can begin experimenting with small steps – making the change less drastic and uncomfortable. Small changes are also less likely to draw attention from your friends and family, which is something many don’t like to receive.

One simple way to start experimenting is, therefore, by adding new colours to your wardrobe. Take stock of the colours you wear – you’ll probably notice plenty of similar shades and colours that are missing from your wardrobe.

Go for something different with your new colours. If you always have black in your wardrobe, add something completely the opposite like yellow or bright red. It doesn’t have to be the whole outfit – just a simple t-shirt, cardigan or accessory such as shoes in a different colour will do.

To ensure you don’t end up wearing colours that are not flattering, you might want to try colour tests online to find those that suit you the most. You can find tests, which help determine what colours are best for you. Pick those colours from the list you haven’t ever tried or which you didn’t think would suit you.

Play with fabrics

You can also change your look by playing with different fabrics. You might be known for your denim outfits. Perhaps you mainly wear jeans when you go out. So, pick something different such as khaki. Steer away from the fabrics you normally use and opt something different.

If you usually have a basic cotton blend blazer when dressing up, swap it to a velvet one from Moss Bros. If you’ve never owned jeans in your entire life, then get yourself a denim jacket or a pair of Levis jeans. Similarly to the colour thing above, you want to go for the opposite and play with materials you don’t normally wear.

You can do the same with patterns. If you always wear non-patter suites, try picking a pin-stripe suit the next time. On the other hand, if your t-shirts are and shirts are always patterned, consider opting for simple coloured shirts instead.

Find somewhere new to shop

Sometimes our sense of style is not just driven by what we think we like to wear but the places we shop. Different stores often embrace different style and if you always shop with the same fashion brand or retailer, you aren’t going to end up with a unique style.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to occasionally change where you shop. This isn’t difficult, especially in the era of online shopping. It’s also not expensive – you can find plenty of online savings that can help you try new stores and styles without breaking the budget. You can find Jacamo promo codes and test different styles in an instant.

Wear the new clothing in new situations

You should also step outside of your comfort zone not just in terms of the clothes you wear but where you wear them. If you are trying a new look in a familiar situation, you might find yourself constantly thinking about the new outfit.

This might make you hate it or feel uncomfortable in it. On the other hand, if more than just the clothes are new, you might relax about the clothing. This means trying your clothes in unfamiliar situations – in a new nightclub or pub, on a holiday and so on.

The only exceptions to this rule are job interviews. You don’t want to show up on a job interview not feeling as confident as possible – so stick to familiar and comfortable items.

Experimenting with a new look is a wonderful way to freshen up a little and search for your own unique fashion voice. It’s important to wear something different every once in a while – it can boost confidence and make you feel more motivated.


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