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How to Wear Your Diamond Necklace

  A diamond necklace is more than just another piece in your jewelry collection; it’s a special ornament that should be worn the right way. Some people wear their diamonds on a daily basis, and this can work if you have something simple that pairs well with everyday work and leisure clothing. A small diamond on the end of a ... Read More »

7 Tips For Amazing Healthy Hair

kristen stewart hair 2012

When it’s gorgeous and glossy, hair can be a real head-turner. A stunning set of locks are sure to grab attention from all directions when it’s in its finest state. However like all things, hair needs to be taken care of if that healthy glow is to remain. Here are 7 great tips on how to keep hair looking simply ... Read More »

Less is More-Why More Women are Shopping at Small Boutiques

small boutiques

Nothing has really changed – women still love to shop. What has changed, however, are their attitudes toward fashion, style, and shopping in general. While departments stores have their advantages, too, small boutiques are becoming the preferred shopping destinations of women everywhere. Why is a small boutique a better choice than a big business? Here are five great reasons why. ... Read More »

How to Get That Glamorous Hollywood Look

Megan Fox

Ah, to have lived in the glamorous fifties! Hollywood starlets back then were truly captivating and seemed like they were from another world that sparkled and shone and where everything was perfect! So okay, that wasn’t exactly true – but it didn’t stop the stars of this vintage era looking beautifully exotic and enchanting! Want to get a little bit ... Read More »

5 Ways to Make Yourself Look Skinnier

High Heel Shoes in Women's Fashion

Thin is in, and I don’t think that’s changing any time soon. No matter how much we would all love to think that being overweight is sexy, the fact is that skinny people tend to look better as a whole. That doesn’t mean you have to lose a lot of weight to look great though. You just have to create ... Read More »

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