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Make Up Tips And Fashion Trends For Winter 2012

It is always sad to bid fare well to summer, but it is getting to that time of year again and winter is as ever, just around the corner. But to cheer yourself up, why not start thinking about your winter wardrobe and the new fashion season ahead?

There are plenty of exciting new trends coming in this season and this post is here to let you in on a few of them. Here’s what you should look out for this winter!


There are some very much conflicting trends this season, but one increasingly popular approach is a more au natural look with minimal make up and a focus on natural, healthy skin. Of course this is one fashion trend that makes really good sense and to achieve the look your best bet is simply to treat your skin well, eat well and moisturise.

Makeup Tips

The healthier your skin the less make up you will need, and the less make up you use the healthier your skin will appear!


The exclamation mark is there because your eyebrows are going to be your statement piece this season. You can make a statement with your eyebrows in all sorts of different ways and darkening them is just one option. Lightened eyebrows are a good alternative and using powder for extra depth is a nice simple option.


Natural colors are in and a lightened almost angelic look is a great one to go for. Pearl colored shades of blue or cream under your lower lashes look subtle but eye catching. A white shadow in the inner corner will make a bolder but still soft look.

Pink Cheeks

The great thing about a softer approach to eye liner is the femininity that can be achieved and a great way to enhance that is with this trend of girly pink cheeks. This look works great on delicate light skin, but you can still pull it off if you are a little darker by using a richer tone of blush.

More Eyeliner

Of course bolder, heavier eye liner is still in and an alternative to the softer look suggested above is a dark and smudgy look. Your aim here is to make your make up look ‘lived in’. Try contrasting that dark look with a  splash of thick white eye liner and contrast sharp lines with recklessly smudged areas for a totally unique style.

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