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Natural Born Hoarders

There is a part of human psychology that prevents us from tossing out our belongings. It can be something primordial that keeps our survival instinct alive. Most of the time, we are happy to oblige this drive, especially when it involves our favourite clothes, shoes or jewels. But we like to gather as well. There is a thing we have for buying new items, new fashion apparel and seasonal treats. So just how far can one go before the time comes to sell your clothes which are outdated, do not fit or are simply to no use? When do you know that enough is enough?

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Where does it end?

It is only logical that one develops a relationship with the clothes he or she wears. You cannot imagine to live without it. It is something that expresses our personalities and who we are. Our garments are powerful tools to communicate with the surroundings. So we buy one thing and another, and we feel just right in; just what we want to be. We like different shops, materials, designs, and there is so many to choose from, and the clothes keep piling up! New trends come in, and old ones may reappear again. And so it goes on and on and on, and we still love the clothes, and we still keep it for persuasive reasons. Until the day comes you realize just how many shirts you don’t wear, whereas your new shirts don’t fit inside the drawer anymore.

Ways to deal

So you like your clothes and shoes? You like to buy new pieces but there is no way you will give up the old ones? Then, you are very likely to acquire a new wardrobe or new chest of drawers, or simply boxes that you’ll stuck under your bed, full of back up jeans and sweaters. You may even decide to move because you wanted to move anyway, and finding a place with bigger closet is only convenient. It works for a while until your notice that you do not wear clothes to make you comfortable, but your clothes make your home very uncomfortable indeed.

A clever little brain

Time for action. You know there is no other way out but to toss some of your garments out. You might have spent some time filling boxes labeled ‘to keep’ and ‘to toss,’ and after you finish, ‘the toss’ box has two pieces in it, that you are likely to keep anyway. In that case, the best bet is to give some clothes to your friends or siblings, where you know it will be safe, and no stranger will destroy the precious pieces.

When too much is too much

After a while of dealing well with the departure, you might get brave enough to move to the next stage. Then, you should consider all your options. You may want to give the clothes to charity shop, sell your clothes for some extra cash, or choose some other way of clothes recycling. We all collect clothes passionately, and saying goodbye my be tough but there are many ways to do that, and feel good about it, or even find it a rewarding experience. Even the clothes you keep will feel more comfortable in your de-cluttered home.


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