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Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas for Sporting Fans


Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year. This is a great time for sports enthusiasts to show their pride for their team or just have fun by including their favorite sport as a part of the night. Halloween is a great time to get creative and experiment with the fun ideas that can be had with a sports-themed costume choice.   The ideas for sports Halloween costumes can be endless. Some people like to go with a more traditional costume choice like a referee costume, but some choose to get more adventurous.

The type of costume chosen should be based on the activities that one will be participating in. After all, the costume might look awesome, but if it’s uncomfortable, the night will not be fun.   One of the most popular choices for Halloween sports costumes is for a favorite player dress up. Most people put on their favorite player’s jersey and call it a costume. While this creates a basic costume look, there is so much more that can be added to make a costume have even more flair.

Sports Halloween Costume

Wigs, accessories, and other details can be added to create a one-of-a-kind look.   Mascots are often a great choice. Mascot costumes can be purchased and made unique with a little creativity. There is nothing like being able to be concealed from the rest of the world while you act like a fool and have fun on Halloween.   When thinking about costume ideas, the possibilities of past players should not be ignored. Often these types of costumes aren’t as readily available and will stand out in the crowd of those who are going as current players.

Babe Ruth is an excellent example and one which most people will recognize even if they do not know sports well.   Other fun choices can be to dress up like a favorite sports ball. This can be a great way to express a love of the game. Halloween enthusiasts should try to think outside of the box for that custom look that will make the night truly special. A cute look for couples could involve a ball and a glove or a cheerleader and a football player.   The sports costume that is chosen should be something that most people will understand.

No one wants to go through the entire night explaining that they are a field goal or a jockstrap. It’s fine to be creative and even go a little crazy, but make it recognizable. If a person is going to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, they need to make sure that they look the part.   No matter what sports team one likes, they are sure to find a way to incorporate this into their costume choices. With so many costumes available from the world of sports, there is no reason that everyone can’t find a sports costume that will fit in well with their night of fun. It is time to show that team spirit and the love of the game by having a great sports-themed costume this Halloween.

+Nancy Goebel regularly writes about a wide array of lifestyle and entertainment topics, and one of her biggest passions is helping people get ready for the holidays. This Halloween, she has lots of advice on how to come up with a great costume, whether you’re interested in sports and referee costume ideas or something totally different.


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