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How to Choose the Perfect Clothes for Your Body Type

Perfect Clothes

The key to finding the perfect clothes is to know your body type. Here some tips that might be helpful.

1. Hourglass.

This is the type in which the bust and the hips are well proportioned and the waistline is very well defined. Go for clothes that are cropped at the waistline or ends at the waistline since this will surely emphasize your narrow waist. Go for tops with a shawl, v-neck, or tuxedo collars. For pants choose those bootleg pants or those with contoured waistbands. And as for the skirts, always go for the pencil skirt since it will surely flatter your hourglass figure.

2. Straight or willow.

This is the body type in which the upper and lower torso are of equal width with little or no definition at the waistline. Women with this type of figure usually have slender legs, a flat rear, and the usual bust size. With a body type like this, it would be best if you wear something colorful and filled with patterns. Choose a design that focuses more on your chest area like turtle neck blouses. For the skirts, you can wear almost everything from an a-line to dropped waist. You can even wear skirts that have handkerchief hems.

3. Pear.

Women with this type of figure have a very well defined waistline. They also have slender necks, narrow shoulders, round hips, and of course full thighs. Simply wear the right size when it comes to your bottoms. Do not hide or over emphasize your hips and thighs and in case you’re too conscious of your hips wear pants that are made of flowing fabrics. Semi-fitted tops will suit you best. Choose blouses with cowl and square necklines since these will surely create a broadening effect on your shoulders.

4. Apple.

In this body type, the bust is rather full while the hips and waist are simply average. To create balance, a woman with this body type should focus on her midsection. Empire cut tops and dresses will surely help create the effect of an elongated figure. Other than that, you should wear pieces that have vertical lines. Avoid wearing tops or dresses that have horizontal stripes since this will have a widening effect on your upper torso. If you want to hide your hips since these are too big, you can wear a bubble skirt.

Perfect Clothes

5. Spoon.

Women with this body type have full to medium bust, wide shoulders, small hips and waist, and shapely long legs. Women with this body type should wear wide-leg pants or pants that have a flare to them. The skirts and dresses should be triangular in shape which means that the bottom part should be wide enough. Tops with solid colors paired with patterned or printed bottoms would be a suitable combination for women with this body type.

There is no need to feel insecure about others who are deemed to have a perfect figure. All you have to do is to find the apparel that will suit your body type.



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