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The Top Three Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween has become an occasion for wearing a sexy costume that shows off your assets. This year some of the best Halloween costumes are inventive and sassy. If you want to go short and sweet there’s an option for you, but if you’re looking for something more daring, there are also plenty of sexy Halloween costumes to choose from.

Cowgirl. This has become a very popular costume in recent years. It’s easy to accessorize and style too. There are various plays on the cowgirl costume, which allow you to make it as sweet or as sexy as you’d like. Make sure to snag a hat to add to your sexy cowgirl costume. If you aren’t into wearing a hat all night, look for one with a tie around the neck that will allow you to keep it hanging at back. This achieves the full effect of the cowgirl costume without wearing the hat. Pigtails are another nice add-on for a cowgirl costume. Don’t forget the cowgirl boots too! This is one sexy costume where you can opt for a comfy pair of boots versus sky high platform heels.

cowgirl costume
Minnie Mouse. This is always a favorite for those who want something that’s just a little sexy. The Minnie Mouse costume is also easy to style for anyone who knows their way around a makeup drawer. Your sexy Minnie Mouse costume will most likely come with the dress and ears. All you have to do is add makeup and shoes for a cute costume. Be sure to pull out the faux lashes for a Minnie Mouse costume (remember how Minnie would bat her eyes at Mickey?) and add a red ribbon to the ears. Socks and Mary Jane-style shoes are a must. Look for white socks with ruffles and black leather, faux leather or patent Mary Jane-style shoes. To amp up the sexy factor of this costume, make the shoes platform heels.

minnie mouse costume
Vampire. This has become a favorite because of the rise in vampires in books and movies in the past few years. The awesome thing about a vampire costume is you can make it as sexy as you want. Vampires throughout history have a sexy persona that leads us to believe they would definitely break out the revealing costume for Halloween. Choose a sexy red and black costume with a corset-style bodice. Thigh highs are a must, but keep it tasteful by using a sheer pair of stockings and pointed toe high heels. Makeup is everything with a sexy vampire costume. You may opt for colored contact lenses. Smoky eye makeup, fangs and fake blood around the mouth will finish the look. You can also dust a shimmering body powder on any exposed skin. If bad vampire romance novels have taught us anything it’s that a vampire’s skin sparkles!

vampire costumes for women

Have fun with your sexy Halloween costume this year. Remember that no matter what the costume is, it’s those details that make it stand out in a crowd.

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