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Innovative and Unique Home Décor Experience with Ulloo 42

Ulloo 42

Has a sofa ever made you think, a chair ever evoked a smile, or a chaise ever taken you by surprise with irresistible style? Do your home furnishings cause a conversation to start or make people ooooh and ahhh?

Ulloo 42 is the next evolutionary way to experience and enjoy furniture, home décor and lifestyle accessories. As with found art, Ulloo 42 believes previously loved high-end home furnishings are worthy of transformation. Artist Suzanne Currie along with best friend and business visionary Lise Abraham are doing exactly this.

Sofas, chairs, lamps, and more are reinvented by Ulloo 42 into must-have, one-of a kind, playful and artfully functional statement pieces. With the success of their initial range of home furnishings they have expanded into jewelry, phone accessories and more!

Ulloo 42 are a lifestyle brand dedicated to making bespoke, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of up-cycled, handmade accessories, furniture, tableware and home décor.  Each piece is an original work of art from jewelry to wallpaper created and crafted by hand and with love whilst still being at a fantastic price point making there something available for everyone.

Stop by their website today for unique gifts for the people in your life who deserve something no one else has.


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