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How to Hide Your Ugly Boiler

We all love our boilers, they keep us warm in the winter, and they provide us with hot water all year round. It’s a shame that often they can be a little unsightly to look at! NPower also revealed that an unconcealed boiler could be a reason that some people give for trying to knock money off of the property that they are buying, in some cases up to £5,000.

If you’re sick of looking at a grotesque boiler and you’d like to do something to conceal it, then read on.

Things to Remember

Before you start thinking about ways to hide your boiler, you must ensure that you are embarking on the project safely.

First, you must ensure that whatever method you use to cover your boiler, the boiler still has adequate oxygen to allow the boiler to burn the gas. The regulation on this is that you allow a 300mm gap between the top of the boiler and whatever is above it and a 100mm gap between the boiler and whatever is below it.

You must also ensure that your boiler is still accessible for servicing and in case of any problems. Nonpareil, who are providers of a boiler repair in Welwyn, advise that things that should be investigated are:

  • Unusual or sudden noises
  • Your boiler turning itself off or on
  • Hot water not being available as quickly or lasting as long as usual
  • Hot water not being as hot as usual

Create A Cupboard

If your boiler is in a hallway or in your living room or bathroom, then a simple way to conceal it is to build a cupboard. A cupboard is a neat way to hide your boiler away, while still providing easy access should an engineer need it.

You can also use your boiler cupboard to store other items that you don’t know what to do with, so it’s a win-win.

Conceal in A Kitchen Cabinet

If your boiler is in the kitchen, it makes the most sense to install a cabinet that matches your existing ones to conceal your boiler, as this way nothing will look at all out of place! As with any cupboard, you can of course also use it for storage provided that you aren’t stacking things right up against your boiler.

If you can’t find an exact match for your existing cabinets, then install a cabinet in a neutral colour so as not to cause a clash.

Cover with A Chalkboard

If you don’t fancy building a cupboard, you could get hold of a chalkboard or build one yourself and hang it over the front of your boiler. Chalkboards are great for keeping lists and reminders, plus you won’t have to look at your ugly boiler anymore.

Use A Curtain

Hanging a curtain is a simple and effective way to conceal a boiler for those of us who don’t feel confident with building cupboards, and a curtain can add a warm and inviting appeal to a room that a wooden cupboard just doesn’t have, and you can change the curtain as often as you redecorate!


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