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Reduce Light Pollution with Solar Wall Lights for a Darker Sky

Light Pollution

Reduce Light Pollution with Solar Wall Lights

Since the invention of electric lighting the city life changed 360 degrees, as people were now able to work longer, into the night. But there’s a catch to the “city that never sleeps”: you hardly get to enjoy the night sky. Instead, you can only see a pinkish glow stabbed by the moon and the passing airplanes if you live in the city. This is the effect of light pollution.

What is light pollution

Light pollution is the excessive use of artificial lighting both during the day and during the night. This disrupts the natural light and reduces the visibility of the night sky in big cities. This is why citizens are accustomed to see the night sky in a pink shade, instead of black. Other effects of the light pollution are damaged eyesight, the disruption of the natural circadian rhythm of people and animals, excessive energy consumption.

The good news is that we can limit light pollution by embracing a number of simple solutions, such as implementing solar wall lights and smart energy management systems.

How to reduce light pollution

Smart energy management systems are the future of lighting and can help people living in cities limit the negative effects of light pollution. Many of us have trouble sleeping because the LED street light placed in front of the house is too bright. A smart energy management system enables you to send a SMS to turn off the street light. Using controllable solar powered lights on the streets can restore your circadian rhythm and reduce glare, which is the culprit for many accidents during night-time. There are also places where you can’t turn off the street light and the management system also has a solution for this: simply dim the light.

Another way to reduce light pollution is to schedule turn offs. Make a habit out of turning off the light when you are not in the room and try to use outdoor lighting only when you are working. Embrace solar powered wall lights and pair them with motion sensors, so they can provide light only when it is needed. As many people use porch lights for safety reasons, motion sensors are a great way to conserve energy and fight light pollution.

Use efficient LED lights and solar wall lights instead of conventional light bulbs. In many countries halogen light bulbs are not produced anymore because they have a high energy consumption level and a high level of pollution. By using modern lighting solutions you will benefit from a lighter energy bill and lower carbon emissions. Solar powered street lights are another great option for reducing the costs of lighting an area, as they are free to operate. They can be equipped with dimmers and motion sensors, which help reduce excessive lighting.

Switching to low wattage bulbs is also beneficial for our health. Moreover, LED lighting systems allows us to choose between blue light and warm light, the latter being a lot friendlier to the human eye  during night-time.



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