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Top 5 Cartoon Halloween Costumes


Halloween is that fun and magical time of year when adults and children alike can dress up as their favorite characters and for a short amount of time escape their normal lives and experience the fun that this holiday has to offer.   Dressing up is a rite of passage in most homes. Halloween costumes have evolved from Mom’s homemade delights to the quite intricate costumes that we see today. One of the most beloved types of Halloween costumes is the cartoon character. Since TV has been around, children and adults of all ages have donned these fun costumes.   Children and adults both love to dress up as cartoon characters for Halloween. There is just something fun and whimsical about becoming a beloved character on Halloween night. While many choose to dress up to frighten others, cartoon costumes delight everyone who sees them.   The top cartoon characters for kids to dress up as are:

Scooby doo costumes – All of the characters from this beloved cartoon are represented, though Scooby is always the favorite.

Scooby doo
Spongebob – Spongebob and his gang of undersea friends have been a favorite among children since the show first came out in the late 90s.

Pokemon – This cartoon is always represented by the children who love their pokemon and want to collect them all. Pickachu is one of the favorites among many children.

The Ninja Turtles – These crime-fighting teenagers have been around for many years and are making a comeback. Groups of children love going as their favorite masked group of high-kicking dudes.

The Ninja Turtles
The Simpsons – These strange yellow characters are seen every Halloween. Often, families dress up as The Simpsons. Even the baby of the family can get in on the action.

The Simpsons

Adults can get in on the fun too:

  • Family Guy – This has been a consistent favorite for the last few years.
  • The Flintstones – Adults who loved this cartoon as a child enjoy getting back to the stone age.
  • South Park – This irreverent cartoon still makes it on the scene each year with those fun characters.

No matter what type of cartoon costume is chosen, whether it be a Scooby costume, a Fred costume, or Spongebob, Halloween should be enjoyed by all ages. This is a night to let loose the cares of life and embrace the inner child that resides in all of us.   Dressing up as cartoon characters brings a great sense of fun to the night. With so many characters on these shows, families can enjoy dressing up as a themed group and have fun choosing their particular characters for the night.   Most cartoon character costumes can easily be found at any good costume shop. A search online can reveal many shopping destinations where these wonderful characters can be found.   Choosing a cartoon character makes Halloween a fun and exciting experience for any child or adult who chooses to embrace the fun and child-like nature of the holiday and avoid the night’s horrors that often scare small children. Halloween is fun for everyone and these types of costumes scream to our inner children to go out and have fun!

+Nancy Goebel loves writing about holidays and how you and your family can celebrate. She thinks cartoon character costumes – especially Scooby Doo costumes – will be very popular this year.



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