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Summer 2012 Trends in Footwear

In recent years the ballet inspired flat shoes have become very popular. They are a casual shoe essentially but can easily be mixed up with evening wear for a more dressy look.

There are some real inventive and stylish takes on the humble ballet flat available and designer versions are redefining what is possible for the simple and classic ballet flat. Recent trends on the highstreet have seen the flat shoe combined with skinny jeans to great effect but what else is currently going to be hot on the highstreet?

Trends for Spring Summer 2012

Pastel colours are the colours cited as being in for Spring Summer 2012 but  bright and bold colours are always great colours for the Summer and lemon yellow, lime green and turquoise can really add zest to an outfit.

Sandals for Summer 2012

Sandals for Summer

Gladiator sandals may be old news now but Summer and sandals go together like a horse and carriage.Sandals are the original breathable footwear long before breathable synthetic uppers and Nike Air Max were conceived.

Bold colours are the fashion for this Summer along with metallic gold and silver . Diamante embellishments are being replaced by metal studs for detailing creating a tougher and more functional look for footwear this year.

Moccasin shoes get updated/ mutated

The humble moccasin is the original casual shoe and is muted to be making a major comeback this Summer. Ugly and for old people are the two standout answers I received when I asked what my friends thought of moccasins and I could not really show them an example of a moccasin shoe that could persuade them otherwise.

Two tone moccasins are bringing a twist to the traditional notion and some morphing between the moccasin and the boat shoe is beginning to take place in the world of footwear.The hybrid between the two styles of shoes somehow works too but in theory would produce one ugly style of shoe from two styles of shoes that are already not the most flattering forms of footwear around

 Some essential stylish tips for casual footwear in Spring and Summer 2012 are as follows

  1. Studs . The rocker is a timeless look and exists in a perpetual state of cool exempt from external fashion influences. It has the power to influence contemporary fashion at will with many styles and trends borrowing from the school of cool that is the rocker/biker look but is rarely influenced as it just never got more refined than jeans, boots and leather jacket. The variations on the theme continue but the essentials are the same.
  2. Bold Colours, Personally I am dull. I have not felt like wearing pink or yellow since the Eighties and if I recall correctly I did not really feel like it back then, for a short period in the Eighties even men’s clothes were only available in rose pink or lemon yellow but this year bold colours are the statement to make and coordinate great with equally boldly coloured accessories.

As always with any fashion trends and fashion tips it is always going to be a matter of personal choice and taste as to what you feel comfortable wearing and sharing with the rest of the world . I prefer understated and feel a little bit too old and conservative for some of the brighter and younger styles availble in recent years although I am intrigued by the hybrid boating shoe/ mocassin. That could be right up my street as the saying goes.

Trends in Shoes come and go so what is predicted as hot for this season?


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