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How to choose your fancy dress outfit

Your choice of costume for any fancy dress occasion hinges largely on your personality – if you are a happy hamster, don’t try to make an impression as a tiger!


Kigurumi onesies, in a range of animal and animated characters, are the easiest option for any costume event, being quick and easy to put on and incredibly comfortable to wear.

You may be fortunate enough to be given a theme as a starting point for your choice – whether the event is a hen/stag party, sport’s club fancy dress, school prom, street carnival, fun run or any of a host of other occasions when you can indulge that inner passion for what the Japanese cleverly call ‘cosplay’ (costume play).

If there’s no theme, well, lucky you! The field is open for you to scroll through the kigurumi catalogue and choose whatever takes your fancy. Even better if you are attending an event as a couple – matching or contrasting outfits can add a whole new dimension to the fun. For instance, make him/her a mouse cowering before your elephant onesie! Get a group together and go as a zoo!

You don’t have to stop at just donning your wonderful onesie. Some clever accessories will add to the authenticity and fun factor: add a bunch of bananas to enhance your monkey suit, or some fireworks to make your dragon costume sparkle – just be mindful of where you let them off; health and safety rules!

Be careful what you choose – it’s likely that your kigurumi onesie will be so appealing that you will have to fend off plenty of admirers and pleas for information as to how you came by your cute suit. Feedback warns us that pretty pink pigs, cuddly Pooh bears and friendly frogs are the most at risk of being amicably accosted at social events!


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