Make Santa a personalized plate for his cookies this year!

personalized plate

As the end of the each year comes around, families come together to create memories that stay with children for a lifetime and are passed down from generation to generation. Instead of using a boring kitchen plate for the holidays, spend time crafting a set of plates (personalized plate) that spark conversation, bring the family together and start a new tradition. You could even paint a new plate each year and start a collection.

Product features

  • 3 holiday inspired designs to choose from.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1 set of 6 FDA food-grade paint
  • 1 brush

There is no formula on how the plate should be painted, think of it like a coloring book that can be used to serve food. However, we do have a few ideas that might help you get creative.

  • Mix the colors on a separate plastic plate to create your own unique colors
  • You can write “cookies for Santa“ along the side or bottom
  • You can add the name of the artist to the top of the plate.
  • Sign your family name on the back and the date it was painted
  • Use thumbs and fingers as paintbrushes or sign the plate using thumbprints.

A great activity for all ages, you will be surprised at how fun painting a plate can be. Not just a piece of art that hangs on the wall, the plates become part of the meal, holiday tradition and best of all family.  In my final opinion, this is a great Holiday Art Set.



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