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Fancy Dress at Christmas – Surely Not!

Christmas is almost upon us once more, with just a few more months to go before the festive celebrations can begin. This means that if you are anything like I am, you are already making you plans and thinking of ways to improve the Christmas experience through parties and secret Santa ideas.

I will personally be having a rather large contingent of my family coming over this Christmas, which will be the first time I have hosted so many people. This has already got me in a bit of a panic due to a variety of reasons, one is the fact that I badly need to redecorate the dining room which I have put off for about three years.

The other many reasons for panic are the logistics of it all, how do I cook for so many? How do I keep everybody entertained?  How am I going to clear up once everybody has eaten and drank everything in the house and then finally left?

christmas fancy dress

I get cold sweats just thinking about it, however if everybody else manages to do it, surely I can too, right? Well if I can’t I will certainly not be volunteering for it again, that is for sure.

My Plan Of Action So Far

Ok, so after some serious discussions with the wife, we think we can handle the cooking between us and I am going to be responsible for the redecorating. Also with regards to the entertainment I have a few tricks up my sleeve to change up the traditional family game of secret Santa. My secret Santa ideas should really get them thinking just before Christmas that is for certain.

Christmas Entertainment!

For any of you that have played secret Santa, it brings a great extra element of fun to family occasions such as Christmas. Everybody picks a random name out of the hat and has to buy that person a Christmas gift, without the recipient ever knowing who bought it for them.

There is usually a maximum price that each gift can cost and some people like to throw different twists on the game, such as offering bonus prizes for originality. This ensures a little bit of thought going into the gifts.

If you work in an office you may already be familiar with games such as this, though in this setting they can be a little bit naughtier than in family games for the obvious reasons that there are no children involved. Let’s just say that some of the gifts can be a little risky.

The gifts will mainly be of a comedic or sexual nature, which is all in good fun. Just be careful if you are responsible for buying the boss a gift, something too offensive might postpone that promotion for a year or two.

Though it is in a party setting, try not to be too offensive otherwise you may be labelled the office pervert, which really is not a good look, especially if there is a certain office crush you are trying to impress.

My Secret Santa Twist!

My own personal ideas are going to involve a particular theme, involving purchasing fancy dress costumes. Whoever buys the most outlandish fancy dress costume for their particular recipient will get a bonus prize from me…oh and each person has to wear the costume that is bought for them or they get no Christmas dinner or alcohol!

I think my idea will be hilarious, though I am not so sure some of the family will enjoy it so much! I think I will set a new trend with this variation and wonder just what my family will come up with next year to try and better my idea.

Well until then I had better get started on that dining room, it hasn’t been used in years mainly because I just haven’t had the time to decorate it (honestly!). I have had more important things to do like watching football!

Think you can come up with some equally good secret Santa ideas? Put them to the test on your family and friends this Christmas.


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