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Timeless Wardrobe: Clothing to Last a Lifetime

It seems to me that fashion seems to drastically change every few years, and something you might have worn every day in 2007 would look ridiculous on the streets today. Unfortunately, keeping up with the current fashions is difficult, expensive and sometimes nearly impossible. Last year’s fashion runway saw a return to pastels and flowers, this years’ is all about colour. So how do you keep up with it all? The famous Coco Channel once stated “Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal,”

By that little statement, Coco was saying that if you choose a few classic pieces that look good on your body, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with fashion because style is more important. With that in mind, here are a few tips to choosing a classic wardrobe that will last you a lifetime (or at least a few years).


Choosing the right clothing is important for fashion. As stated above, you don’t have to choose exactly what is in fashion or even what is considered trendy at the moment. Fashion changes quickly and something your grandmother might have worn when she was your age could now be back in fashion.

Try choosing colours that complement your skin tone. You should also consider that colours such as black and white are almost always in fashion while colour like tangerine and purple tend to go in and out. Choose something that looks good on you but will be timeless. A great example of someone who wore clothing for style instead of fashion was Audrey Hepburn. Classically seen wearing black or white, Audrey stocked her wardrobe with black turtlenecks, little black dresses and white blouses that she could wear anywhere and at any time. While you don’t have to have all black and white in your wardrobe, they are the most timeless pieces. You can try constructing your basic wardrobe around these colours and then adding in a few more colourful pieces to bring out when they are in fashion.

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Jewellery is another every changing part of fashion and in my mind; it usually changes too quickly for anyone to be able to afford buying quality jewellery pieces. If you, like me, can’t afford constantly updating your jewellery box but don’t want to wear cheap, tacky pieces, you should try purchasing jewellery that will be in style regardless of fashion.

One of my favourite examples of this type of jewellery is personalized jewellery. For example, monogram jewellery with your name on it will never go out of fashion. It’s cute, stylish and shows your personality which really, is the main point of fashion. You can also wear couple’s jewellery, which, while fashionable, does require that you be in a relationship.

Mainly, you should attempt to purchase jewellery that is cute and looks good on your skin rather than something that is currently fashionable.

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According to Bette Midler, ‘If you give a girl the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world.’ That’s just one of the reasons that I think it’s important to buy timeless shoes. Currently, bright colours and multiple colour shoes are in fashion, however; how long will that last? Instead, I recommend purchasing something timeless, classic and comfortable. A black pair of pumps, gladiator heels, oxfords and comfortable tennis shoes should get you pretty much anywhere you want to go (and get you there in style).

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The most important thing about choosing a timeless wardrobe is to find pieces that flatter your figure. Find your style and try to stick to it through the years, despite the many changes in fashion.

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