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Buying a gift for her can be difficult, which is why many men stick with something safe; jewellery.  Every guy knows that girls love jewellery, and guys can purchase jewellery for their lady loves at nearly any time of the year, Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, anniversary; you name it! Unfortunately, the one thing that I’ve noticed more and more about jewellery gifts is that while they are being given frequently; there is often nothing special about them.

In my opinion, a gift should say ‘I love you’ and not, ‘I spent this much on you so be happy’.  Giving someone a $$$ piece of jewellery might accomplish the former, but usually it will also say the latter. A generic necklace or set of earrings will say nothing about how much you care or even why you purchased the gift.

Because it’s important to buy a piece of jewellery that says ‘I love you’ with a gift, I like to think that your best option is to purchase personalized jewellery. Here are a few great memorable jewellery gift ideas that will tell her you care.


Birthstones are always a great jewellery choice because they reflect who she is.  Before buying one, you should decide if you would like to buy a necklace, ring, brooch or bracelet. Next, you should determine her birthstone (you can find a book, check online or even ask a jewellery sales person). Finally, make sure that she likes stones, and that she will look good with the colour. An important consideration when purchasing birthstones is that some women think they are silly and might not appreciate the gift. Usually you can make sure she will like the gift by checking to see if she owns other birthstones, or if she likes astronomy or, etc.

Her Favourite Something

As a rule, you can usually win by getting her something she loves. In general, I tend to find gifts that match something I already have, or that are similar to my favourite pieces tend to make me the happiest. The reason is that usually I will choose jewellery because I like it, and because it looks good on me. Don’t purchase the exact same pieces or anything that is too similar, but if you notice your girlfriend wearing anything with Celtic designs, diamonds, opals or etc., then you have something to go by for choosing something she will like to wear.

You can also choose a jewellery item to go with her favourite outfit or favourite thing to do. For example, buy her earrings that can be worn to a fancy restaurant, or a necklace that she can wear during sports. Try choosing the jewellery to suit what she likes, what she does and what she already has.

Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery is another great gift option that I love. You can get anything from a name necklace with her, monogram necklace or even a couple’s necklace with both of your names on it. I like personalized jewellery as a gift because it takes thought; customization and can’t really be picked up from just anywhere.  Name necklaces are a great choice because they are cute, fashionable and can be worn day or night which is a factor that most girls love in an accessory. Monogram necklaces contain the first initial from her name and couples necklaces have the name of each partner. Each of these personalized jewellery choices is a great, memorable gift idea that will tell her you care enough to spend some thought on her gift.

personalized necklace

If you want to buy your lady friend a claddagh necklace, try going online in order to get the best quality for the lowest prices.


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