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   Anybody who has seen the newly released Katy Perry Documentary Part of Me will have been astounded not just by the emotional rollercoaster the Teenage Dream singer went through, on her tour and during her break up with her husband, but also how fabulous she managed to look throughout all this. One surprising detail about Perry’s style is the fact that it evolved, she has since claimed, through a period of “being poor”. Whilst attempting to look unique but without the means to do so, Perry would often find herself scouring through charity and vintage shops to cultivate the eccentric yet glamorous look she is now known for.

   One of the most obvious things about Katy Perry’s look is that she will rarely be seen, whilst on stage or conducting publicity, in trousers preferring instead to wear either crazy print dresses, leotards (on stage) or high-waist short shorts. In doing so Perry is able to both show off her well-toned legs and also draw further attention to her shoes which often play an integral part to her look. Whilst already standing five feet nine tall, the I Kissed a Girl singer is particularly keen on adding further inches to her height; she is more often than not seen in towering heels, platforms or wedges. Usually Perry plumps for bold colours, subtle certainly is not her style, and will often team neon heels with a differently coloured neon latex dress. Similarly bold statement shoes worn recently include metal-clad wedges and multi-coloured platforms.

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   Katy does, however, change her look dependent on the formality of the event she is attending and will often plump for designer brands, including recently Dolce & Gabbana, when attending award shows, movie premiers or similarly formal occasions. Despite the designer dresses, Perry will often stand out from the crowd due to her propensity to team these ensembles with boldly dyed hair (often blue or pink) which provide an eye catching juxtaposition with her printed dress designs and killer heels.

   When shopping for Perry-esque clothing the key is to look for floral prints, a hugely fashionable trend this season, 40s retro glamour or, another massively popular style in part due to Perry herself, colour blocked combinations. Primary colours and self-consciously quirky designs are fantastic for aping her style and anything featuring Hello Kitty or other Asian characters will always make for a great hit. Miniskirts and figure hugging dresses can help accentuate the womanly side of the wearer and, another tip, is approach accessories in the same way the rest of the outfit is put together; with no subtlety at all! Waist-cinching belts provide the benefits of both enhancing the figure and also breaking up an outfit with more detail. Brightly coloured lipstick can help increase the cartoonish nature of the ensemble and novelty shaped sunglasses, hair accessories and peacock ear rings are all extras that can only add more zaniness to the look. With Perry there is no such thing as minimalism – this style dressing suggests that the more fun things a person can wear at once, the more fun their look will be!

   In short Perry’s look is fun and playful, never taking its self t seriously, sassy and sexy but yet also highly attainable. Just like Perry initially cultivated her style through being thrifty and through charity shop scouring, her look is easy to get with a little bit of work and perseverance.

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Kieron Casey is a fashion writer and huge Katy Perry fan who gives her latest film two thumbs up. He is incredibly impressed by her incredible wardrobe and ability to perform in killer high heels and other womens shoes!


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