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Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian sunglasses

As one part of the hit reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian was never likely to shy away from the limelight. But it appears that Kim is also making a name for herself in the fashion stakes as she makes regular appearances in increasingly bizarre outfits. The 31-year-old has become renowned for her unique approach to ... Read More »

How to Achieve the Celebrity Look with Top Beauty Treatments

Celebrities often appear flawless and although we would love to believe that this is their natural appearance, a vast majority of their sensational looks are created through beauty treatments. Some of these are incredibly expensive, and others are affordable. You need to decide what treatments you consider to be vital, and spend your money wisely. Facial skin care treatments are ... Read More »

Famous Icons and Their Famous Glasses

As with all areas of fashion, eye wear trends have followed the path of celebrity iconicity. With stars like Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon leading the way with their original eyewear pieces, and showing the true diversity of glasses design. Historically vision correction was a necessity to those who could afford it, but now it is a must-have fashion accessory, ... Read More »

Why The X Factor is Ruining Men’s Fashion

x factor fashion 2012

It’s routinely the most watched show in the country, attracting millions of viewers every weekend and has created dozens of household names during its eight-year run on our television screens. The X Factor can be described as nothing less than a cultural phenomenon, but for all its successes, the show has routinely done a disservice to gent’s style over the ... Read More »

Three Supermodels And What Makes Them Distinctive

Kate Moss

Models are omnipresent in our everyday lives. They are the faces of all our favourite brands and fragrances and we see them whenever we open the pages of a magazine, be it “Vogue” or “The National Geographic”, whenever we turn on the television and even when we walk down the street, they look down at us from billboards and they ... Read More »

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